Sunday, December 14, 2014

Senior Travel!

You know me, MR. SELF CONTROL!!

When Mary and I get too old for my iron horse, we go to senior travel!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Gearhead's Christmas Present!

Santa, please bring me one!!

Check out link for more!!


Santa on Iron ReinDeer!


Iron Rudolph when not working!

Santa showing off, he got that from ME!
Rudolph and the gang relaxing before long night!!

In case Rudolph gets sick!

The gang on trial runs!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


People say it's 'impossible' to forget your child is in the car. But I know that for sleep-deprived parents who are out of their normal routine, it's all too easy." PLEASE!!PLEASE!! NEVER, NEVER let this happen to your precious child. Do not be another story on the news.

Our four year old grand child falls asleep a lot when we bring him over. We open all the windows in the van, put it in the garage and keep the door open between the kitchen and the garage. Then one of us stays in the kitchen to monitor what is happening.

When our kids were little and slept in the back of our pickup camper, I would stop every couple miles and check on them! Even though there was a pass through, no back window in the truck or camper. We could hear what was going on in the camper. I still stopped and checked them out. And the three of them are grown up and doing great!!

 Put something in the back you must get when you stop. Be like me, check, double check and triple check they are all right. I am so glad I did. And now my kids do the same with our grandkids. A lesson worth remembering!! Do not forget the little one sleeping in the back seat. Every time you leave your car, make it a habit to check the back seat; even if you are sure no child is there. Make it a habit every time so your brain remembers to do it no matter what! Remember THE LORD is busy, HE counts on you to help the ones who cannot help themselves. DO NOT DISAPPOINT HIM. IT IS YOUR JOB!! To protect the innocent!!

 Thank you. Randy "Hoss" Caldwell