Friday, September 26, 2014

Yes,I have a private duty NURSE!

She has kept me alive over 43 years. Yes I sleep with her every night! Yes she gave me three wonderful children. Yes, May 20 2014, we celebrated 42 years of marriage. Without Mary watching over me, I would be long gone! She has taken the calls from the harried ambulance nurses that I am going to the hospital again! This last time it was closer then ever before! In 2003, my ANGEL had to work overtime to keep me in the living years. This time it was not my fault. In 2012 when I did battle with a terrible little virus called  C-DIF, I though my time had come. I hope you never have to go thru it!

So many times I should have died in my life, I have to believe I am being watched over! That is why I am starting my charity: See LLOYD's picture, and see my bike. I will have the pictures of the hot rods, and cycles that the mentally challenged people take a ride in. Also the picture of the ride giver. My e-mail:  Leave your name, e-mail and phone number. Also if you want to give a ride, or want a ride. It is my job to hook you up. If you are the caretaker of the mentally challenged individual and want a ride too, we can fix you up!

The story of my life, not what I wished for!! LOL

Park Cars Five!

Yes, I messed up again and got some out of order!! Better late than never!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lawn Bikes Thirty!

Yes, the old guy with more hair on my face than on top of my head. And yes, the guy behind the camera! And yes on my trusty Nomad. And yes, at the foot of my suicide driveway!! And yes, not looking forward to the ice and snow coming!!  LOL
You see a lot more bikes with trailer hitches like this one. We want to take IT all with us!!

Beautiful Blue Harley!!

I am sorry to tell you this is the end of the Lawn Bikes for this season. I have thousands of bikes and hot rods posted this summer. Of course more to come!! I am getting my left knee replaced in spring, but somehow I will get out to get more photos. Now my left knee will match the titanium I have in my left shoulder!!  LOL  I will soon be more Titanium than bone.  LOL

I just had to post this beautiful BLUE Nomad again.

We as a nation will NEVER QUIT EITHER!!
Thank you for viewing my bikes and hot rods….Lots more to come!!

Lawn Bikes Twenty Nine!

Love the beautiful blue and black accents!

Great NOMAD!!

I really like this Blue and gray Nomad. Wish I could trade for mine!! LOL

Lawn Bikes Twenty Eight!

Great custom paint job!

Great bagger with armchair back seat!

Kawasaki Vulcan!

Some like ape hangers, I did when I was young!

Another Vulcan!

Yes, my Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad, with my charity information posted!

Great period sidecar!

Lawn Bikes Twenty Seven!

Christian Motorcycle Association, a very worthy Ministry. They talk to all bikers about turning over their life to CHRIST!

I like sidecars, when I can no longer hold up my two wheeler, I will probably get one!

Another beautiful BLUE paint job. By now you know I am partial to blue!