Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bob, and Paula's new home in Maine!!604&authkey=%21AK8UlIVeY9fYLvQ&v=3

Bob was my mechanic when I was racing. We had a lot of adventures when we were young, stupid and single. Yes, he is the Bob I was on the cycle with in my stories. It was DEVINE INTERVENTION that we lasted these 67 years. Bob stops up to shoot the breeze every year. We talk about how stupid and reckless we were. Yes we hug, Bob is closer to me than my brothers. When you defy death with someone, a bond is formed!! Bob, you guys are world famous now!!See you this summer!! I will have my new knee when we get together. I will be able to walk without a limp!!

Yes, this is Bob. We had a lot of dangerous adventures over the years! Glad we're both here!!

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