Monday, June 30, 2014

That was depressing, the New Harley Davidson!!

Yes I am afraid the time of the gasoline powered vehicle is coming to a close. The great performing gas power vehicles with their wonderful exhaust note will be something future generations only hear in the movies. I know we must clean up the air we breath, but being weaned on big gas engines with their mellow exhaust note I am glad I will not be around to see the takeover. The demise of the gasoline engines will take a long time, but it will happen. I know a lot of other things will change too. I am 66 years old now, had my left shoulder replaced, and my left knee will be replaced next summer. I will be bionic in many more years. Maybe all my bones will end up titanium and plastic? I know, not me, but in the future?? Medical science will keep us alive longer. Maybe they will find a way for our bodies to not wear out as much, like Mary's and mine.

Our grandchildren are in for a lot of great discoveries. Maybe they will live into their 150 th birthday. Just hope they are pain free 150 years! Maybe the human body will be electric powered by then too. Too much to think about with my 20 th century mind. You know I like to RAVE! It is going on two AM on a Tuesday morning. I am going to say so long for now. I will dream what I will RAVE about later today when I wake up. There is too much to think about for me, that is why I like to get my bi-polar thoughts on paper. That way my future generations can see how much I was thinking out of the box. Some times I don't even know where the box is! LOL They can see where  their weird thoughts come from! A great, great, great grandfather who was a little nuts. But than what really is normal. Certainly not this old codger! Thank you for putting up with my ramblings!  Randy "Hoss" Caldwell

Will the HARLEY loyals embrace the new electric bike??

I don't know, the Harley older generation did not like the V-ROD with its overhead cam and water cooled engine. I think the electric bike will attract a new group like the V-Rod has. The die hard loyal people who want the old style v-twin will continue to buy the air-cooled bikes they always have as long as they are manufactured. The people worried about the environment are trying to get the air cooled bikes banished. They pollute more than the water cooled. Those people are trying to get catalytic converters on lawn mowers. My 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad has computer control, water cooling and an exhaust sensor and a catalytic converter on it. It is just like the cars now. Suppose to control pollution. And all gas engines will soon follow suit.

The people who like the Harley's as they are will have to change when the pollution people pass the new regulations for cleaner burning engines. We will have no say how our new engines will be. We must clean up the air, I understand, but we will all be running electric vehicles in the future I believe. I hope future generations will get to see our polluting gas engines as they were. From another time in history. This article came out of the Lancaster New Era.   Harley-Davidson Live Wire! The future??

Lots of history here!

This part of the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania was settled early in our history. There are a lot of buildings dating back hundreds of years. Manheim where we live has a lot of history dating from the  1700 's. If you get a chance to vacation here, look at the small towns around Lancaster, PA that hold a lot of interesting places to visit.  Check back often, I will add more interesting photos as I get them. I check the Lancaster New Era, this paper and will showcase interesting photos often. This train station is in Manheim,PA  about ten miles north from Lancaster,PA. It is about four miles from our home.    To get a feeling for my hometown of over 40 years go to  and read about this great place to bring up a family.  Thank you, Randy"Hoss"Caldwell  Visit this great place soon!

Saturday, June 28, 2014 The real PLAIN PEOPLE!

The billboard of the visitors center!

Again the horse with the BUGGY behind!

Go to and see the real life of Lancaster County AMISH and plain people, do not believe the TV show, it is made up for ratings!

This is the real Lancaster County I was raised in. If you see a gray buggy, they are AMISH. If you see a black buggy, they are MENNONITE. The buggy's have lights, and the triangle for slow moving vehicle reflective placard on. The new buggies have an alternator on the back wheel to charge their battery for the lights. Some of the young people have radios in their buggies. You will see the lights flashing to worn you of a slow moving vehicle. Unfortunately several times a year buggies are hit by people not watching and running into them with cars and trucks. Of course the buggies always lose in these crashes. And several plain people are killed every year. More pictures to follow. Check back!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yes, I am RAVING again!!

Raving is what I do best! Of course looking at bikes, hot rods and the ladies is what I do best too! I am soon 66 Years old and looking is what I can still do. Mary and I have been together nearly 43 years, and we will be together till we do not breath anymore, but I still have eyes to look. I look at Mary with the same look I did when we first started dating. I believe she looks as good as when we were young. She does not think so, but I do!!

If not for Mary, I would not be around any more to look. I thank the LORD every day He hooked me up with Mary. And I thank Mary a lot for taking care of me and the family. She is a good companion. She just hides the bad foods I'm not suppose to have too much. She likes to keep me around, since she has invested so much time in training me to her liking! LOL

Yes I like to RAVE, ride motorcycle, and look at bikes, rods and ladies. And LOVE my FAMILY. Thank YOU LORD for giving me so much in life. That is why I like to help other people. The LORD has given me so much I owe  HIM;    BIG TIME!!    Thank you for visiting my RAVING BLOG!!  Randy"Hoss:Caldwell

Two lane blacktop and american gratifi, 55 Chevy

 These two cult movies are among the best car movies made. I am a filler freak, I like the stories put in to take up space. I will find more, check back later.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Getting close to the end of these bikes and rods. Stop back for more to come!

Last picture of Davie's 1948 Studebaker pickup!

It took me over ten hours of work to take and add these cycle and hot rod pictures to my blog, but I also know you really like them. so I will get many more places to post many more cycles and hot rods for your enjoyment. Mine too!

More of what you lust over, RODS! and BIKES!

Another NOMAD, different color than mine.

Davies 1948 pickup

Davies pickup again.

Davies engine compartment.

Davies interior.