Friday, August 17, 2018


It is 9 am Friday morning. two days before we leave for Ocean City, Maryland. Our daughter, son-in-law and their 3 kids, Mary & me. Laura has a time share we use every year. I would not have joined, but now I realize it is a good deal. Yes, I burn easily. That is another story. And yes, Bob was involved. And yes it was terrible.

I took a break to greet Mary, she sleeps upstairs because before she retired 8 months ago she worked 9 pm to 7 am, sleeping days. I sleep downstairs.

We have a cape cod. When we built 35 years ago I wanted a bi-level. Mary in her wisdom said cape cod. We both have arthritis then, she said with age it gets worse. She has worked every other weekend all her life. 

We make sure we kiss on the lips every day. We read years ago, couples that kiss on the lips everyday live longer. And we want to upset the undertaker by just not dying!! Mary visits her sister 4 days at a time. every 4 or 5 weeks.That is the only time we don't kiss everyday. Her husband died 4 years ago, Mary started staying over because her sister really missed her husband. Helping people gives you credit for that life extending kiss.

When you are young, you hurry home to make love. At 70, you hurry home, but now it is to take a nap first, then make love!! So kiss every day!!

When I lost my license for six months, the girl that rode bike with me a lot was Kathy, she was going with Mike. His dad's office cleaning company was where he and his brother worked second shift weeknights. When I finally met Mike he said to Kathy, "What do you do nights while I work?" She told him, "I ride around with Randy". People though she and I were hooked up. NO, I respected another man's lady. 

Mike lost his license, and his full size 1964 Ford convertible sat. When I lost my license, Mike let Kathy drive his car. She would pick me up. When she rode with me on the bike, she would hug me and lay her head on my shoulder. I figured she  did not get attention from a man and needed it. 

Because I started getting served at bars and beer distributors when I was 18, I was the beer man to everyone underage.  Saturdays Mike was off, so Kathy picked me up as usual, with Mike. We would get a case of cold beer and a few more friends. This time we stopped across from the sub shop, Speeds. I was drunk, so I stayed in the car. Everyone else went in to eat. 

When they came out I was hugging a telephone pole. I could not stand up without support. Mike and the other guys said to me, "Let's go, we are all under age for beer". I put my arms around the pole and I said until Kathy kissed me I would stay here. The guys grabbed my legs and tried to pull my arms off the pole. It was like in the movies, I was just about horizontal, three guys pulling my legs. Mike says, "Kathy for Pete's sake kiss him so we can leave before the cops came". I finally got that kiss from Kathy I dreamed about. Too bad I was too drunk to remember how it felt.

We kissed and hugged our kids when they were young. Our parents never did that. We kissed and hugged our grand kids too. We hug kids and grand kids holidays now. The 7 year old grandson for years wiped off any kisses. His mom just rolls her eyes.

When Jeff calls from California, when we both say goodbye we say, "Love you". Our  parents were not taught to hug and kiss. That is a shame! 

We hug friends, too. Bob and his new wife Paula hug us every summer when they stop in. Dave my cycle buddy since 1964, we hug. Linda our waitress at The Udder Choice near Ephrata, we hug. Dave and I meet every couple weeks for breakfast. Yes, Linda, the same Linda that told me to be careful who I call Gorgeous in a previous page.  LOL Linda's picture hundreds of pages back. Yes this blog is now close to 1,000 pages. 

Yes, Mary and Marcy, my Computer Queen, both say I talk too much! Both glad I have this blog. I am not bothering them as much now that I write what I feel. 

Mary is at the store. When she comes back I must give her my dog voice, "Mom! Dad's pulling my tail! Mom dad's pulling my ears! Mom dad's getting my snooter!" Mary never tires hearing that! 

If you do not hear from me in one or two days check and make sure Mary did not choke me, or if I am too stiff to climb down from the kids play house because Mary  made me sleep in there again. Yes, Pics of playhouse on this blog.

Send Mary a sympathy card, she going on 47 years putting with me. She was timid and shy when we got married. NOT NOW!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Cook was one of the girls that I helped. She was 5'4", about 110 lbs. She was hurt by a lot of guys. Sometimes I had 5 or 6 girls riding around with me. I fed them, gave them money when they needed it. Cook would turn out to be my favorite when I was looking to race!

There were 3 girls beside me, and 4 in back. The front seat was wide, but with the shifter I had room beside me for one leg. Cook was beside me, and I said "Straddle the shifter". My Hearst shifter was a short throw spring loaded shifter. Under the dash I installed a small light to light up the pedals on the floor. Different people drove for me, and some who were not used to stick liked the light at night. I had a tachometer on the steering column that lit up your face like in the movies.

Cook had just turned 16 and did not have a driver's permit yet. She asked me to teach her how to drive stick, I said yes. I told her, "Put your hand on the T handle". It had finger ridges on the knob so your hand would not slip off. I went out in the country, a dark straight road.

I had my slicks on, extra wide, soft gummy compound for traction. I stopped. and said, "You shift, I'll help you". I told the girls in the back, "Sit back! You cannot believe the thrust." The special tires grab like they are coated with glue. The racing shocks, 50/50 out back instead of going down, extend up to push the axle down when you first move, and give the tires traction. The front  shocks 90/10 push the front end up when you start, so the weight of the whole car puts pressure on the rear tires.

I had practiced a lot to find the best way to launch. I pushed the gas pedal, watched the tach, keeping engine RPMs between 3,000 and 3500 RPM. The 2 carbs front and back are the big thirsty ones. You set the linkage when they kick in. You run on the middle carb, and as you push the linkage you hit a spot where you must push harder. The front carb kicks in next. Then the back carb kicks in. The back carb has a hole to the intake that you can pass silver dollars thru, I was told. I adjusted it so at 3500 RPMs all three kick in.

If you see a muscle car driving slow, he probably has 3-2's or 2-4's When I let out the clutch the front end jumped up, the three two barrel over-sized carburetors were spitting fuel and air as fast as they could. In about 2 seconds the tach was at 6,000, I just pushed the clutch pedal about 2 inches in and yanked the shifter straight back. About 4 seconds later we were at 6,ooo RPMs again. I was in second gear. two more to go. It took about 4 seconds to hit 6,000 RPMs and touched the clutch again we pushed forward and to the right we were in third. This the longest gear to wind out. At 6,000 RPMs again we pulled straight back, my foot touching the clutch again.4th gear, pedal to the medal. Less than 13 seconds, 1/4 mile. Zero to 120 mph goes quick.

The girls in the back were screaming. There were only 3 seat belts out back, so none of them strapped in. And all four hung on the back of the front seat. Guess where they were?

The only thing that comes close to that feeling, for me was a twin prop 8 passenger plane. I worked 8 years for a guy that flew me around to fix things at his 13 companies. We sat on the strip, brakes on full. When he released the brakes, that feeling returned.

I know Cook was impressed, she was breathing hard. She and I practiced about 4 evenings till she was confident shifting. Everyone on the loop knew my Pontiac was 4 on the floor. Cook would wait for me at the sub shop near her parents apartment. We would cruise the loop. She would scrunch down so you could not see her head. I painted the side of the small light bulb in my tach so no light went toward Cook. She rode around with me for 4 or 5 months. She got real good at shifting.

I would drop Cook off at the sub shop with money to eat from me. Then I would stop at the places we could park and talk. The guys came over to my Pontiac. They looked under the hood, under the body, shift the trans and ask, how are you shifting with both hands on top of the steering wheel??

Cook and I never, ever told! After a couple months Cook stopped showing up. I asked several girls, they said they didn't know where she was.

I saw her one more time. I was working at the gas station across from the Golden Arches of McDonalds. Her husband asked to use the lift. This was about 4 years since she had stopped waiting for me. I remembered him from years before, so I said, "Sure". Cook was standing outside  the garage door. I walked up to her, she put her finger to her lips and whispered, "He's very jealous!!" She was very pregnant. I hope she had a good life.

1962 Pontiac Catalina

It was almost candy apple red. Only candy apple red paint is labeled candy apple. If you hear candy apple blue, that is wrong.

Yes, I am a filler freak! You know in the newspapers years ago they needed a small topic to take up space when there was a small space to fill up. They would yell, two inch filler needed. Yes that kind of stuff I can remember, something important I forget.

The top looked like a pleated soft top,  and the top was painted white. When I blew by it was easy to mistake for a soft roof.

The junk yard in Sunny Side was set up with help from Lloyd. The one partner was a good friend of my dad,lLoyd. Anything I wanted I got for close to nothing. After a couple months of a red vinyl seats and door panels Lloyd said check the junk yard for a leather interior. I'd been there two weeks earlier. On top of a pile of wrecks was a real Shelby Cobra body. Just the back half.

When I pulled up to the office, guess what was across from me. A 1962 Pontiac Bonneville. My Catalina was the cheap version of the Bonneville. I asked Groffy how much. He looked at it and said $25.00. Your dad help set us up, I told him anything you guys want less than half price.

The whole interior was mine. I asked what should I do with my red interior. He looked at my car & said, it's in good shape just lay it in the Bonneville. A factory black leather interior complete for 25 bucks.

It took about 3 hours to strip the red seats, door and back panels and install the black ones. The only part I wanted but was ruined was the kick panels. The piece under the dash you kick getting in and out. No problem, Hessie worked at local upholstery shop, he always gave me a discount. New Black carpet and kick panels.

Davey installed my new Hurst shifter. I got a Hurst chrome plate and rubber accordion to cover the hole for the shift lever. I had never drilled carpet before. Yes, the drill bit grabbed a piece of carpet, I had a runner from cover to door. Luckily the rubber floor mat covered the thin bald slot.

I drove home proud of the new interior. I saved up for new black carpet and kick panels. The dash was black, just red paint on bottom of dash face. I sanded and painted the bottom black. Now there was no red in my interior.

I kept the stock hubcaps, I liked having a sleeper. When I hit the gas pedal, and blew their doors off, their mouths hung open as I passed them by!

The glass packed mufflers got me a $35.00 fine. The officer wanted to hear when I revved the gas. He stood in back with his head close to the exhaust pipe. I did not know I was BI-POLAR then, but I knew I was different. Like the shrink I went to when I had my stomach stapled said, You have a Strange sense of humor. The cop said "Floor it".

I put the pedal to the metal, and all 3 carburetors kicked in. The exhaust coming out blew his hat off. I held 6,000RPMs about 3 seconds! I knew I was getting a fine! Got to see that's worth $35.00, for me YES.

I put stock mufflers on, too quiet and restrictive. They were cast iron free flow headers. Where the headers hooked up the exhaust pipe was a copper o-ring. I just kept the pipe bolts loose so when I hit the gas, the exhaust would leak out relieving the pressure. To get gas in faster, more power, you must get the spent exhaust out quicker. Back then racing tube headers were illegal. So were belt driven super-chargers. They force more gas and oxygen under pressure.

Lloyd knew how I was, and let me buy the car anyway. I did the same for Jeffery Lloyd. I helped him buy a Z-28 4 speed Camaro. We put headers, dual mufflers, new 2 1/2 exhaust exiting by back tires. I cleaned the undercarriage, and sealed it. More later.

Screaming Yellow Zonker

We named our cycles.  My cycle was "The Quarter Hawg". It was for, I drag race, each run 1/4 mile. 1320 feet. Hawg was slang for Harley Davidson Hogs. The early flat trackers riding Harleys had baby pigs as mascots.

My 400 horsepower Pontiac was "convertible?" it was a hardtop, but the roof looked like a convertible roof. You said it as a question, everyone said, thought it was "convertible?" Then there was a white Corvette Stingray Fast Back with an extra back light on each side. He was Snowbank. I never got to ask him why. And of course Alvin's 55 Chevy hardtop. It was bright red, on front fender close to the door was a big cherry painted with an ax splitting it in half. Alvin told everyone the officer that stopped him said angrily, "Everyone knows what it means!" A lot of people don't like anything about sex paraded on cars.

The Screaming Yellow Zonker! A Corvette Stingray, too. Of course Yellow, the owner owned a car wash on the way to Willow Street.People drove to Willow Street just to stop and talk with him. Birth names were not used much. The owner of the Zonker was racing one night on back roads, lost control and slammed into something solid. I don't remember what, but the steering column and steering wheel was pushed thru his chest. That is what I was told. I did not look at wrecks in the junk yard like some people. I had two of my own.

I would drive the loop with just the center two barrel carb linkage hooked up. With the bored out engine and modified carb I would only get about 12 miles per gallon. Gas was about 30 to 50 cents a gallon, I was spending $150 a month for gas. With all three carburetors hooked up, I got about 2 to 3 miles per gallon. Now you see why I rode the bike a lot. About 35 to 45 miles per gallon if I took it easy.

One night there was a Black Stingray running the loop. When trawling for a race you hooked the linkage to all three carbs up, and drove slow. At 3500 RPM I had my linkage set for maximum power. I had special tires on back. They were over 10 inches wide and very soft rubber. Great for traction, bad for the pocket book. Better grip, soft, lousy mileage, I was lucky if I got 5,000 miles on the tires.

When I got the car it had new Sears tires, the good ones. They lasted six weeks. Lesson learned, but I was a sucker for a person in another hot car. I just had to show mine was faster.

I took the bike home and got the Pontiac.I only lived about 4 miles from the start of the loop. I made two laps thru the loop. I parked in one of the spots when you are looking for a race. After about 10 moments I heard the two cars coming. Three blocks back they both caught a red light and were tormenting each other. I was about a 1 1/2  blocks from the railroad tracks crossing  the street at an angle. They stuck up  above the road about 2 or 3 inches. Everyone local knew this and slowed down to go over them.

The black Corvette evidently was accustomed to cruising over them slow, and did not realize at speed they would throw him. I heard tires screech. When they passed me they were close to 100 MPH. The road slightly went down right after the tracks. The Corvette in the far lane braked hard when entering the fatal block. The Black Corvette kept his petal to the metal. Hitting the tracks over 100 MPH, the angle of the tracks threw his car to the right and airborne. The road going down meant he would stay airborne till he slammed into a Stone corner of a jewelry store.

I pulled out and left, no flames from the black Corvette yet, but the way the front  looked I knew he did not survive. About 10 other cars left when passing the accident! Rest in PEACE Brother.

Lloyd the Super Mechanic

My father could fix anything! He did a valve job on my first bike. He souped up his Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles when he was young.

When he let me buy a 400 Horse Power Pontiac even though he knew how I was. I crashed his station wagon when I was 16. And my first car I bought at 17 with the money from 3 1/2 years of delivering newspapers.

When the three carburetors did not work right he adjusted them. I had paid a lot of money for a computer tune up. But what Lloyd did made me 1 second faster in the quarter mile.

He used to race trains to the crossing in his model T ford. Mom kept talking he was wild, when racing the train, he crossed in front of the train, it ripped the spare tire off the back of the ford. He drove York river when it was frozen over. The more times you drove the ice and not fall thru, you were the winner.

He was mechanic for his brother Mervin at the Lancaster race Track, beside the airport. A shopping center now takes the race track and where the small airport was.

When he had his trucking business, When his truck driver phoned, day or night that they were broke down, he had to go and get it running. He hauled A lot for Bachman Chocolate in Mountjoy, PA.  Now bought by Wilbur was 10 years ahead with their Wilbur Buds copied by Hershey, but named Hershey Kisses. Wilbur was bought by a bigger company.

In 2016 the Lititz plant was razed. It was a 4 story building. Too labor intensive. As World War II was gearing up LLoyd loaned one of his trailers to the Government to haul Sugar from Philly where ships unload, to the process center in central PA. They loaded it so heavy, it broke the frame. A big mess. Sugar all over the road. He never was compensated, Govt. said need their money for War.

Lloyd and my mom Edith did a lot of helping people. Lloyd had one of his drivers half fall asleep and cut the top of a van trailer off going under a low bridge. He hit an oncoming car under the bridge. Hurt them bad. Dad's driver had kids that had a lot of medical problems. Mom and another lady used to go to their house, bought them groceries and paid bills. Dad's insurance co. told him to fire the guy. Lloyd knew he needed money and said no. Lloyd put him with another driver, long hauling paid more than local.

Back then there was no net to keep sleeping driver in the bunk, so other driver can drive his shift. The guy worked extra hours because he needed the money. Yes, he fell asleep, crashed the truck, the sleeping driver in the bunk was thrown thru the windshield and died.

The insurance company cancelled Lloyds truck driving insurance. Once cancelled, no one will give you insurance! Dad lost his business, he and mon did not believe in bankruptacy either. They paid the bank $50.00 every other month for over 30 years.

He still went to Bachman Chololate every spring  for sacks of cocoa bean shells to put in the line of snowball plants. They really liked Lloyd, they knew how good he was with people. Every Christmas they gave him the big chocolate slabs they sold to places that made chocolate Christmas items for the Christmas tree.

Lloyd had high blood pressure all his life. Mary has treated mine since we got married. Lloyd had 7 strokes, over a period of 5 years. Mary, I and the kids slept at his place when he was bad. Mary is an RN, and she kept the Doctors in the know as to what was happening. One year after our last child, Jeffrey Lloyd Caldwell was born, Lloyd died.

The last visit the Doctor told him, go home, do what you want. Eat what you want. The main blood vessel to your brain stem was weakened from the high pressures all his life. In the 20's to 50's not many Doctors controlled high blood pressure. That era you did not see the Doctor unless you were close to death.

He got to play with Jeffery Lloyd Caldwell the day before he died. I got the call about 9:30 PM. I rushed into the hospital. Two days before his 8th stroke I had grabbed him, lifted him up in a hug, and said I love you, Thank you for all you do. The emergency Doc. treated me years ago, he remembered me. He said do you want to take him off life support? His brain stem has died. how long do you want his body to go on?  I spoke up, Mom, Dick and Mike our younger brother, I would take the responsibility of ending his life so they would not feel bad. The Doc.said we all must agree.

We took the machines off at about 10 pm. Doc said hold his hand and talk to him. No one knows how much he will hear. I was glad several days earlier I had let him know how much I loved him. In Lloyds day, people didn't tell each other, "I love you".

I was born in 1948. A lot of what I put here I remember from Mom and Dick my 11 year older brother. Now Dick is my only source of what happened, and he is 81.Yes, Lloyd was wild, that is where I got my Adrenalin Freak nature. Also his wanting to help, and never, ever QUIT!

No those are not tears in my eyes, as I am writing this. I am 6'2", 260 pounds. I never, ever turned away from a fight. I and another friend fought 5 guys trying to rape a young girl! My name is HOSS, I am not a softy!! Not tears, just hay fever!  WHO the heck brought hay into this house?!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Wildwood or Bust - Part 4

We made the last leg of our trip with no big calamadies. We pulled into Ocean City New Jersey about 5:00AM tired and thank full to be there.  We parked the bike at the entrance to the boardwalk, and went under the boardwalk for some shuteye. Back then a lot of kids slept under the boardwalk. It was not dangerous.

We woke up about 10:00 AM. Lots of noise from the boardwalk. People everywhere, we looked for a cheap place to chow down. No McDonalds here yet! Lots of small chow houses. We filled our empty bellies.

Headed to the boardwalk. Here I was a stranger to everything. Not like Wildwood where I knew where everything was. I hoped they had walk away sundays like Wildwood. They did! Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate combo ice cream block, with a square cone to match. Then Dipped in hot chocolare, then in non-pirells and chopped peanuts. With a topping of whipped cream.
Just pay and walk away!! Not a visit to the shore with out one.

We walked down to the ocean. For years every pair of motorcycle boots I touched in the salt water. Even when Mary and I Visited Bob and his wife Steph in Vineland N.J. in february 1972 before we got married, my boots were in the water.

I think sometimes Mary wondered what she got herself into. Well almost 47 years, she is still around.

Wildwood or Bust - Part 3 (1st Day & Night)

We spent the first day roaming the boardwalk in Ocean City Maryland. Here it was cleaner and not as crowded as Wildwood. We walked the beach, checked out the girls in swimsuits. No surfing allowed, too many people that could get hit.

After lunch, we stopped at a place with big rooms with bunk beds, but decided to save our cash for souvenirs and sacked out under the boardwalk again. We figured with a lot of other kids, it would be safe. I surely would not do it now. Too Dangerous. Says something terrible about our culture now. Yes time flies when you are having fun! We went on rides till about midnight. We found a spot under the boardwalk again. So much for day one.

Day two started just after sunrise. There was loud music and yelling from a fold up table about 100 feet toward the surf from the boardwalk. Of course we had to find out what was going on? When we got there, two ice chests sat on the sand on one side of the table. Two guys were holding open bottles of beer. People giving $1.00 for two bottles. Since we were underage to drink, of course we paid $2.00 and got 4 bottles of beer. We went back under the boardwalk, about a quarter mile away.. I just had a feeling they were illegal, and cops would be here soon. When we got where we wanted to be we heard a lot of noise from the makeship bar. Life guard vehicles with cops inside swarmed around the 2 guys holding lots of dollar bills in their hands. All were handcuffed and taken away. Till this day, I listen to my inner voice. This time it saved us jail time.

Second day we spent mostly on the beach. We wore swimsuits under our clothes, so we jumped waves, and acted like fools for about 4 hours. With no towels we walked till we dried enough to put our jeans and t-shirts back on. Bob is not as light skinned as I am. I got too much sun. Not as bad as many beach sunburns I have before and after this time.

We gassed up the bike, and our bellies. It is about a 4 hour trip home. At night at 80 MPH, we can make it in a little over 3 hours. We started home with 2 hours of sunshine left. I was driving. I race this hopped up bike. I never missed a shift the 3 years I was riding. We came to the intersection with route 1, a four lane highway.

The light turned green, I shifted from neutral down for 1st gear. Beside the center island I upshifted and let out the clutch. The motor roared, but I missed my first gear? I shifted again, same thing. I hoped my transmission or clutch died. We had enough forward motion to coast over the two lanes, and stopped off the  side of the highway.

Bob jumped off first, saw the drive chain was missing. He looked over where just coasted from, and saw a black snake laying in the middle of the lane. A driver saw it and tried to swerve. He caught the end of it, and threw it into the air. Guess what it was. The missing chain. Bob yelled, "I'm going for It".

He darted between the cars, grabbed the chain, and brought it back. Second time this trip our lives were in jeopardy. There was a guy about our age working on his car outside his garage. BUT it was on other side of the four lane highway. We turned the bike around and pushed it over the four lanes of traffic. When your young, nothing can hurt you RIGHT??

Bob and the new mechanic took 3 links out of the chain to make 2 good ones. We installed it, and it worked. From racing, and doing wheelies we stretched the links so much one broke. Lots of force will break anything. We had to glue the back tire to the rim. If you don't, the tire slips on the rim and pulls the air filling stem out of the tube. Drag vehicles, the powerful ones screw the slicks to the rim, they will spin because the tires will lose air at 200 MPH. Not Good! We kept thinking, "What Next?"

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Wildwood or Bust - Part 2

Bob & I left the group to prepare for a wild time at the beach. What we wore was good enough for two days. When we passed the Gap town clock it said 12:30 AM This was almost a straight run to the Delaware Bridge. I leaned into a curve, on an old 2 land road, lots of that on route 41. A small town was getting closer & closer, I was doing 80 MPH.

As the buildings started to fly by, I saw an old station wagon approaching. When he passed us going the other way, clouds of oil leaking into the combustion chamber blinded us. I hit the brakes slowly. I did now want to lose traction and lay down the bike.Luckily the road was straight. For a few miles, I stayed about 60 MPH. Then the "not me" bug hit again.

The smell of burning oil reminded me of our time in the Flying Dutchman u-control model airplane club. That is where I met Bob. Model airplane engines burner Castrol oil and smell like the fog left by the wagon. More about my flying days later.

I was tired, so Bob said he would drive, we were about half way there. Bob and I trusted each other. Whether it be bikes or cars we knew the other guy was just like me. He said he was asleep over one hour, he was ready to take his turn. I had a sissy bar on the back. Anyone I picked up I told them lean back on the bar. Some new people lean opposite the leaning bike for a corner. Leaning the wrong way the bike can dump you. It was my turn to catch some ZZZ's.

I don't knew how much later I was asleep, the bike was shaking violenty. Bob yelled, "hang on, the back tire is going flat". It was very easy for either tire losing air to dump the bike. We were doing about 80, Bob said. In the dark you cannot look at the back tire. He had enough sense to not hit the brakes too hard, that would have thrown us.

Bob said we passed an all night gas station about 3 miles back. There was a closed gas station about 100 yards ahead. We pushed the bike there. I took off side cover, and laid the tool kit on the ground. The bikes then had a center stand so the back tire was off the ground. We took the chain off, and removed the whole wheel and starting walking to the all night gas station. In the tool kit we had tire spoons to pop the rim of tire and pulled the tube out. They had a tub full of water to find the hole.

Nothing in the tool pack, so that was not a problem. If you run a long way with a nail or piece of metal or glass it makes a bigger hole in tire and that must be patched too. It was 35 cents for the tube patch. He was a biker so he did not charge for use of the equipment. I gave him a dollar, I said drink a beer for us! He said thanks, be careful cops on prowl tonight.

 One stopped as we were walking out. He rolled down his window and said that your bike broke down couple miles back. I said yes, can you give us a ride back there. he said sorry I headed other way! About half way back I saw headlights behind us. As he got closer I put my thumb out for a ride. It was the cop, he hit the horn before he gunned the gas, I gave him the Finger! Should not have done that!!

We got the wheel and chain on. Bob continued as driver. I sat on back, to get more shuteye. I was half asleep, Bob yelled red light coming, police. We stopped, driver said put hands on hood of his car. Since Bob was the pilot they figured it was his chopper. The cops were about 2 steps away. I stepped back, my bluegene jacket had a pocket inside for a biker's wallet because the bike seat will push  the wallet out of your back pocket. I stepped back, unzipped my jacket and reached inside my jacket for my wallet. All Hell broke loose.

The driver put the shotgun barrel against the back of my neck and flipped me on the hood. The passenger office drew his pistol and pushed Bob up on the hood too. I figured we both would have to change our underware. The officer reached in my jacket and retrived my license. frisked both of us. He said in a very LOUD voice, Gentlemen never make a police officer think you are reaching for a gun at 3:30  in the morning on a dark lonely road.

He asked what we did to piss off the local cop, I told him how he made sure we saw him passing when he said he was not going our way, and I gave him the finger. They said he reported Cycle bums acting up! They said they had trouble with him before.

We thanked the Maryland State Police for not shooting us. They watched us drive off, Bob did not speed for at least 10 miles. Being 17, just graduated high school and on our first long outing the seriousness of the way we acted stuck. Even 52 years later I am thankful the officers did not overact! I only met these officers one brief time 52 years ago, but they changed my outlook on life. you must look at things from both sides, to see how things really look.

Every now and then I still have trouble looking at both sides. We ran out of gas about 10 miles from the flat tire. A closed gas station was near. Since the hoses are attached high and a lot of gas remains in the hose if you do not hold up the nozzle to drain it. that is what we do. Free gas, the more pumps the more gas. From 4 pumps we got about one gallon of gas. Since we were not breaking anything we figured it was not stealing.I was told how to do this from other bikers. Small tanks then were a pain, not many stations open all night.

We left, hoping nothing else happens till we get there.

We Live for Weekends! (Wildwood or Bust)

It is 2:45 pm, Friday. I glance at the clock, 45 more minutes of work and I would be free for two days. Our motto is, Live For Weekends! As I left through the door after hitting the time clock, the feeling of being free at least two days was a real high! I pushed the starter button on my bike, nothing happened. The electric starter solenoid on my bike conked out again! The good old kick starter was pressed into service again.

I had about four hours to kill as Bob did not get off at the Honda shop till 8:00 PM. I rode the Loop Route in Lancaster,PA to waste time. I picked Bob up at 8:00 PM and we headed for the Lititz Twin Kiss for our usual Gourmet supper of subs and french fries. After stuffing ourselves we hit the loop route again to catch some action. After two trips of the loop, we connected with George who had a cast on his right ankle from a bad wheelie. When he landed sideways, his ankle was between the road and the swivel for the kick starter lever. Guess which one broke? Yes, hot rod bikers get a lot of X-rays and casts!

We lost a lot of friends that we met on the loop route. We laughed when greeting each other. "I did not see your name in the news paper yesterday" Local teenager fails to negotiate curve. My friend also named Randy, lived on the road which claimed the title "Dead Man's Curve" He was about 100 yards from the curve. When he heard a high revving motor pass his house he prayed they knew about the curve. A lot did not, or they were the teen that cannot be hurt. About 25 years old that wears off, that was why at 25 your insurance got a discount, or when you got married even before 25. 

We saw Uncle Mitch, he lost his drivers license 30 days. He had a new bike. Said when you lose your license, its a good time to get a new bike, you must drive low RPM'S to break in the engine right. About 1 year later, Uncle Mitch was coming to town on Columbia avenue. It changes into one way right before a curve, Uncle Mitch was doing about 60 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. We did that a lot at 1:00 AM like Mitch was. 

Someone in a pickup truck pulled out in front of him. He hit about the front wheel, flipped up over the hood, slid across the road and was pushed under a parked car. Unfortunately it was a English M G. They sit low. Mitch's head did not fit between the road and the frame on the M G. If he had a helmet on, he hit with so much force he would have died anyway.

Next we say toothless Jim. Everyone had a biker name. Even the cops called us by our biker name. From a police officer I got mine. He watched Bonanza, said I looked like Hoss. He had just made a holster on the side of his bike. Some clown ran him off the road. If he had the hammer then he could have broke a window so we could find them and turn over to police.

We went to McDonald's for cokes. Need lots of caffeine to keep up all night. People traveled far to take a picture of their vehicle under the drive tru Golden Arches. Two years ago on a Friday night I was doing wheelies under the arches, because of trouble a township officer made extra money by keeping order. Well I did not see him, he was inside the McDonald's. He came out, and came over to me, I was talking to friends. He gave me a citation, Disorderly Conduct on a motorcycle; $35.00. I was 2 years younger then! Smarter now?? 

We saw about 25 bikes parked there.12 guys said lets make a pack, and I always was always the leader of the pack. I always won the hare and hound runs. I was the hare, and no one could catch up the way I rode. I said Bob & I are headed for the shore, wanna join us. They all had places to go sat. & Sun. Bob and I mounted up and headed for route 41 passing the gap tower clock. It was like a big light house, but had a clock mounted about 10 feet from the top. Since my parents best friends had a trailer at Wildwood, NJ, I said let's go there. Bob's parents always went to Ocean City Maryland. Since I was never there, and Bob knew the roads there by heart we left for O C Maryland.

The trip down route 30, about 6 miles of 30 east was known as suicide alley. Lots of accidents, lots of places to pull in to shop, eat, or bars, and pulling out on 4 lanes was suicide.

I was getting  used to midnight runs every weekend. We rarely slept weekends. Like my father said when people said he does not sleep much either, I work now, when I am in the ground, I have a long time to sleep. 2018, he is sleeping about 34 years now!

Monday, August 6, 2018

OLD DOG yip;yip

  • A good friend said I should not bark, but yip,yip. I am more like a puppy than a dog. I have a motorcycle, a bagger. Old man's bike. I am 70, I guess I qualify as an old man. My age, we go for the fat tires, floor boards, toe-heel shifter,air shocks,and windshield. I don't wash the bike much anymore. I spent the time riding, when I die, my kids can wash it.
  • My granddaughter is 18. Kyra got the know it all APP now! I call attitudes APPs. You get them, then later they change. When I was a teenager I was afraid of nothing. I rode my racing bike  and 400 horsepower Pontiac like there was no tomorrow! Now Kyra likes speed. I can't really fuss, I gave her the speed gene. Luckily Mary gave them the smart gene. Kids and Grandchildren good st school and jobs. From me, they got the ( never,ever quit) gene. Also to never,ever accept when someone says ( you cannot do that ) it is impossible.
  • 35 years ago I put 2 stickers on the door from the garage to the house. I wanted the kids to see it a lot, so they made it a part of their attitude!
  • Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible.
  • The difficult we will do Immediately; The impossible will take a little Longer!
  • 1 daughter,two boys. Its amazing, at 18 you know everything, your parents nothing. When they have kids it hits home; Mom and Dad were not so stupid afteral!!
  • After my Dad died, all three still spent the night with grandma. After some soulsearching mom said, not all 3 at the same time. Now we know why!!
  • When you are young and first married, you rush home and jump in bed! You still do the same thing at 70 years; accept now it is to take a nap first!!
  • Copy the two sayings that my kids picked up. Yes, some things you teach your kids do work. Just not in the teen years.
  • Old Dog yip,yip