Wednesday, April 17, 2019

More Prizes for the Lloyd's Rides 2019 Raffle

Landis Wash & Lube - 746 South Broad Street-Lititz,PA
Car Wash, Oil Changes & Detailing Services

 1.Gift Certificate for: one Full Service Oil Change. Fluids Check, Tire Pressure Check & 4 Exterior Car Washes
 2. Gift Card    $20.00
 3. Gift Card    $20.00
 4. Gift Card    $20.00

Thank you, Tim & Ami Landis -

Monday, April 15, 2019

Lloyd's Rides 2019 Raffle

Vagabonds Lancaster, PA   E Pete show is the first one I attended 3 years ago. It starts the season. I set up for free for my Charity, they like saving the lives of Veterans and First Responders.

2019 Raffle starts at E Pete Show, May 4, 2019.

One Ticket $2.00 each ticket. 14 tickets for $5.00 just sign name and phone number, on stub, put stub in jar.

Last Show of season, Manheim Square Cruise-in. You need not be there to get prize, but those that attend the drawing get to pick their prize. Drawing one hour before end of show.

    1. VR Shinecon Virtual Reality Glasses | value  $149 | Donors: Randy & Mary

    2. HP 12c Platinum Calculator with case & Booklet | value $80 | Donors: Randy & Mary

    3. Craftsman pliers, 7-in Diagonal; 6-3/4 Arch Joint; 8" long, long nose pliers, Lifetime guarantee          value $36 | Donors: Randy & Mary

    4. Tactical Flashlight | value $32 | Donors: Randy & Mary

    5. Woodland Creek 2- Super Bright LED zoom Flashlights, one small, one large Camouflage barrels, adjustable light patterns | value $48 | Donors: Randy & Mary

    6.  A&M Pizza - 39 Market Square - Manheim, PA 17545 Second year donor
         value $20 | Donor:  A&M (Jose)

    7. Two Cousins Pizza (Manheim) 171 Doe Run Rd. - Manheim, PA 17545 (expires 3/14/20  )
        value $20

   8. Knight & Day Diner - 3140Lititz Pk. - Lititz, PA 17543 | value $30

   9. www. - Hardware & Ace Rents | value $20 | Donor: Dori

 10. www. - Hardware & Ace Rents | value $20 | Donor: Dori

Check this page every week, more prizes coming. Max. 2 prizes per person at drawing time!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


  I have lied a lot in my almost 71 years on this planet. It started when I was 8 years old. The lady next door was a widow. Her husband died, I don't remember him. He died of TB. Laura Schopf was a fantastic painter. Her husband painted all the ads for Armstrong Flooring advertisements. They would take a picture of the new flooring, he would paint a portrait that went into a magazine. When Dick my older brother started full-time work,  and got a girlfriend, I got Mrs. Schopf 's yard mowing and snow shoveling duties. Every time I mowed the yard or shoveled snow she paid me. Mom watched out for Mrs. Schopf. She told her to pay me 50 cents for cutting grass or shoveling snow. I would help her for free, but she insisted she pay me something. Later on she had money problems. One time she came out while I was shoveling the steps and small porch at the back door. She handed me one dime. It was the first AH HA moment for me, at age 12. More would come. Mrs. Schopf said I have little money this month, I am Sorry. I told her, she gave Mom many pictures, do not worry! I did not really lie, I needed the money too. I realized all people have problems. 

 Finally she got the ok from the bank to not pay in, they would give her money every month while she still owned the property. She could pull out the money she had invested in the house since her Husband died, and live like everyone else. My younger brother Mike took over the grass & snow work, when I started working full time. When I had my own Electrical Business I was down at Mom's fixing something electric. She asked me to go over to Mrs. Schopf's, she wanted a grab handle on her tub, she got some prices, but they were too high for her to pay. I went over and looked at it. I had my service truck there, I went to my truck, I had 2 flanges left from a job. I had 1/2 inch water pipe from a job, just the right length. I put it together, and fastened it for her. She was grateful, she asked how much do I owe you. I told her nothing, she felt hurt I would not take $10.00. I told her the family rate was $1.00 per job. I wrote a bill for $1.00. I told her if someone pays at least a dollar, my insurance will cover me if anything happens. That lie will he used a lot, Later!!

   Mrs. Schopf fell about 10 years after I installed the railing. Mom called her every day. Sometimes afternoon or right before bedtime. Several times she did not answer, I guess her hearing was not too good. In her late 80's. When Mon could not reach her the next morning, she called the Manheim Township Police. They broke in, found her in the bathroom, naked on the floor. She died 2 days later in the hospital, laying naked in a house, even heated is terrible. At least I knew I gave her 10 years before she died. I did a lot of dumb things in my life. Every once in a while I do a good deed? The older I get, the more good deeds I do. We just spent $10,000 for a new shower stall ledge that is only 1/2 inches high. Mary is preparing for me to be in a wheel chair. Of course I will have a Harley Davidson three wheel power chair with 100 horsepower. HEY, I can DREAM!!

  In the 15 years I was in business I got a lot of calls from widow's in Manheim. The lie was I had brand new light bulbs left over from a job, I already got paid for the bulbs.  My install bill was $ 5.00 per hour. Regular jobs were $25.00 hour. Every widow job was no more than 1 hour, it doesn't matter how long it was.

They are right, tough guys with a big heart do settle down when needed. Dan Blocker was Hoss on the tv show Bonanza. His birth name on the show was Eric. Hoss was mountain man slang for a Big Man with a BIG HEART. Mary knows if she does not put HOSS in my obituary, 9/10 of the Susquehanna Valley will not know Randy Caldwell is Hoss.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Like Father, Like Son!!

  In November 2002, to not get rearended and squashed between a pickup and another car, I gunned my bike, and accelerated into the middle lane just over a small hill. The truck I was told, stopped about 2 feet from the back end of the car I was behind. They would have killed me. When I swerved to get in the middle lane, then hit the brakes to stop, my bike high sided and threw me off. The police report said I was 30 feet from the bike, luckily enough people stopped so no one ran over me.  I hit on my left side. I hit a glancing blow with the left side of my helmet. Photo of my helmet in pages back several pages. It was a glanching blow. That is the only reason I did not break my neck. My left shoulder hit next, then my left knee. There is a 4 square inch hole in the left side of my helmet. When my brain smashed into my skull, it damaged my short term memory. Also I have inner ear damage, when my eyes are closed, I cannot control if I am standing straight. The jerk that caused the accident left. Never caught. The next day when I was awake, I forgive them. They panicked and left, thinking I was dead. I beat death again!! Eight days later I rode the iron horse again, and still do. If it does not kill you, it makes you tougher, life is not easy, only the strong survive.

  Three years  ago we adopted Sophie, Beagle-Collie, for : : One and one half years ago we adopted Buddy Hollie, a shitzu. Yes, he lets us presents on the carpet, that is why they are called a shitzu! Last Tuesday we noticed buddy was tilting his head, and his eyes kept moving left and right. He had trouble walking with his back legs. His back end would wobble, and he would fall hind end first. Mary and I married 47 years. We both 70, fixed income. But this is a family member. We saw the Doctor twice. Close to $400. Buddy had a mini-stroke in his inner ear. That is same problem I have. I had my left shoulder and left knee replaced from the accident. I had to pay what my insurance co-pay did not pay. I got nothing for my damage, never found the jerk. I am now on medication to help with my balance. I take more meds to supply more blood for the damaged  short memory left brain damage.
  If I held a grudge, it would hurt me, not the jerk. That person must live with severely damaging and almost killing another person and running away, it has changed my life. Yes, it made more happy with my life. I survived again. My 4 grandchildren have their  BAA-BAA to SPOIL them ROTTEN! Mary still has me to yell at when I do something dumb. My computer Queen has to answer my dumb questions. My medicine for short term memory helps, it takes a couple minutes of thinking, but about 75% of the time I can remember what I wanted. The medicine for balance helps slowly. The other week at Church I picked up a cup full of coffee off the counter, lost my balance and spilled it all over the counter. They cleaned it up. I have not got a coffee in the last 3 weeks, there!!

  Like Father, LIKE daughter and sons. Our 3 kids are all working in great places. Our Daughter works helping paraplegic patients in their homes. Our second born, our son, just got his Doctorate for child Autism, he works from home, for an Autism think tank. Our last born, a son, works at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital in Los Angeles in the Clergy Department. Last Christmas he face-timed with Mary  on Christmas Day. Mary asked him what they did do Christmas Day. It was 10 degrees here. He said June-Bug his beagle and he were at the beach, but it was 80 degrees, they did not stay long. Mary told me I was right, Jeff and June-Bug will not move back to Pennsylvania, it never snows, or rains in southern California like the song says.

  I am sorry if I made any grammar mistakes. I am manic- depressive, have ADHD and several other weird diseases. Mary is going to donate my body to science when I die. She was a Charge Registered Nurse 52 years. She said with my weird brain, studying why I have all these things might make finding something to help others that they may not have to deal with what my brain does. My mind goes 100,000,000 miles per second.

  Mary was delivering babies when we got married in 1972.  1 1/2 years ago she quit as night Charge RN at a retirement home. An RN must pronounce people dead, call the funeral home, do the paper work and help load the cadaver in the gray Astro van. We bought a gray Astro Van in 2010 from the local Chevy dealer. When we did the paper work I saw it was traded by Buch Funeral Home, Manheim. I told Mary who had it. The first thing she said, I put a lot of dead people in this van. Luckily she did not have a problem with a van used for the person's second to last ride. She puts up with me, THAT is more scary for her.  LOL