Saturday, February 9, 2019

Horsepower College 2

More horsepower is great, demanding,adrenaline inducing,and a killer. I always thought someone was stealing my horsepower. I had to keep tapping the gas pedal to make sure it is still there. Yes, I am an adrenaline junkie! I am 70, I still like driving fast. But I try hard to stay to stay what the speed sign says. In spring I was caught for 5 miles over the speed limit going down hill. $151.00 fine, no points. Now I use the brake going down hills, staying legal.

My motorcycle is harder to stay at the speed limit. I feel 18, and nothing can hurt me again. Then I remember laying in the middle lane of Route 501, in and out of consciousness. I looked in the face of an angel that was holding my head between her knees. I asked is this a dream? She said no hun, you will realize it is not a dream tomorrow when the pain killers were off.  Yes I really remember the next day when the pain killers wore off. It hurt to breathe!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Bouncer Hoss

Where Manheim Pike and Fruitville Pike meet is an old mansion that was for years a place where males from 6 to 16 years old were placed instead of jail. They went to Manheim Township schools and had to be at the mansion if not at school or work. When I was in 6th grade we had two boys that lived there.

Right before I turned 21, it was changed over to a night club called Little Caesars Night Club. They got live bands every night. Mostly from New York and New Jersey. As soon as I was 21, I started going there.

Nate was the bouncer at The Old Colony Inn when I saw him for the first time. He soon was the Head Bouncer at Little Caesars. I started attending Little Caesars because it was a straight run down Fruitville Pk, about 1 mile to my house. Less chance of cops and getting arrested for drunk driving.

Nate knew me as Hoss, like everyone else. One night he was not feeling good and asked me to take his place for a while. I said sure. Nate said when I filled in for him I'd get whatever drink I want for free.

I took shifts about 1/2 hours for every time I was in the Club. Nate was a ladies' man. He would meet the customers, single ladies of course.

One night Nate was back, but asked me to stay on for a few minutes, lots of people coming in. I said no problem. My racing mechanic, Bob's younger sister was in line for a check of her driving license. It has your birth date on it. She was on Nate's line. She looked at me, when she came to Nate, I said, she is my little sister, she is OK. She was really my racing mechanic Bob's little sister. I knew she was only 2 months from her 21st birthday.

Another time I  was checking cards, an older lady and her son came in. She said, do you have your drivers license, he just turned 21. He had it, he stepped aside, and his mom said do I need to show my drivers license, I said yes, such a pretty young lady as you cannot be 21. She reached in her pocket book and showed me her license. She was 42. She gave me a hug, and said thank you young man.

Nate had just came back and heard what was going on. He said, she will be back many times, we both laughed.