Thursday, July 31, 2014


These bikes for sale at

Check back!!

In two days I will return to Lawn Fire Company breakfast to take more pictures of fabulous street Bikes! Check back to see the fabulous machines of PA, MD, and points south. It takes me a while to post as I can only load one picture at a time. But for me it is a labor of LOVE.

July 31, 2014 I will be 66 years old, so I have been riding cycles for 50 years. Thank you LORD for watching over me all these years, and the over 100,000 miles on two wheels. Keep us all safe and breathing.

I check the obits in the paper every morning to make sure my picture is not there. I keep telling Mary she has to put Hoss in my obits or 9/10 of Lancaster County will not know it is me! LOL

You knew I would sneak a BOSS HOSS in here again! LOL


At about 4:00 this morning I officially turned 66 years old. I feel OLD. Not really, I don't feel any different. The kids were here for two days, I am glad they went home with their mother and father. Having the grandkids over for two nights is great, it is also great when they go back home!! Mary and I need the rest. Except Mary had to go to work tonight!

Tomorrow I am going to the knee Doctor to see if I can get a shot in my aching knee. It must be replaced, but I want to hold off till next summer. I don't want to be laid up as long as I must do battle with MOTHER NATURE with my suicide driveway so Mary can go to work. I am getting the driveway sealed with an oil spray. That is better than the water based sealers you buy at the home stores. They will throw sand in the mix so it is not so slippery. I fell twice in the driveway, I don't want any more falls!

Yes life is grand. Mary and I keep the pain pill firms in the black. And the Doctors make a lot of money off us also. When you get our age the Doctors know us by first name. It could be worse. No funeral directors know us by name yet! LOL I check the obit page in the paper every morning to make sure my picture is not there.

Well I have raved enough about our aches and pains. I am just glad we are mobile yet! A lot of people our age are pushing up daisies. As long as I can still throw my leg up over my motorcycle and balance it I will be happy. I wish Mary could ride again. With her back and neck trouble she cannot stand the knocks from pot holes. I cannot ride far, but getting on the bike and passing cars, I do not feel handicapped when I ride. I am equal to everyone else again. I don't need to see a shrink as long as I can take my troubles out on two wheels and feel young again.

You need to be a die-hard biker to understand that. I once rode with a 92 year old man and his 88 year old wife. They had a BMW motorcycle with a sidecar pulling a pop up tent camper. They rode close to 50,000 miles a year camping. They did not go fast, just far. I hope at that age I can still ride. I hope at that age I am still alive?

Mary has worked hard over our 42 years together trying to keep me alive. I hope I do not let her down, and die too soon! I have had a great life with Mary and the kids, but I am not quite ready to give up the living years anytime soon. Call me selfish, I love THE LORD, I just am not in a rush to meet him right now. I hope it is true  "All good things come to he who waits" I just want to wait a LONG TIME YET!

Thank you, for reading my raves.
Randy "Hoss" Caldwell

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tomorrow I hit the big 66!!

Mary is baking my birthday cake right now! Something is wrong with my daughters taste buds, she does not like peanut butter icing. You who know me know I adore chocolate and peanut butter. It calls to me! Mary is making my birthday cake half white frosting and half peanut butter icing. You know darn well which side I will be eating from!

My present is having a loving family. The three grandkids are over last night and tonight. Yes the little three old grandson, the BULL HEAD is here. Ornery like his grand father, but has a full head of hair.  LOL

Thank you for following my ranting, the bikes and the hot rods. Hope you enjoy looking at my pages as much I enjoy putting together this fun packed blog. After all if we do not have fun in life, what good is living it. And since Marcy started me on this blog, life has become happier for me.

Thank you, Randy "Hoss" Caldwell

Well some chocolate and peanut butter is calling me again. I must answer it's call if Mary is not looking. But she does a good job of policing me.

Yes I drive my cycle too fast, LORD please watch over me. I try hard to not ride faster than my guardian ANGEL can fly, Buy it is hard!

Yes I spoil my family rotten! BUT that is my JOB as a grandpa!

Time for looking at BIKES AGAIN, never enough!!

These bikes for sale at - check out the museum!

A FEAST for the EYES!!

These bikes for sale.  See for information about buying any of these bikes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

IT'S 2:00 in the morning, I am still here!

Yes I am still here raving my head off! This place for my soul searching wisdom I am trying to depart on you is helping my head  to keep from blowing up. It is keeping me SANE? It is good for me, if it is not good for you I am sorry! Marcy knew what she was doing when she started me BLOGGING! It has revitalized me, gave me a new purpose in my drab life, and kept me away from the refrigerator and the boob tube. She gave me a renewed passion for life. And gave me a new platform to help me get back my dignity. It has helped me cope with getting old, and feeling worthless.

Thank you Marcy for all you have given me! Now for you who are reading this, find something for you to get passionate about. You need to be driven like me. I am happier than I have been in years. I am riding my cycle more than I have in years. Bikes are better that the shrinks couch. You need something to put all the bad things you have in your brain away!

Thank you, Randy "Hoss" Caldwell

If I have made you feel better I am glad. If I did not, I am sorry. If I have gladdened your soul I am PROUD. If you feel worse, I am remorseful. Thank you for reading my RAVES. If I have not moved you, I will try harder next time? I PROMISE!!

I needed to hear these, how about YOU!