Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bob, and Paula's new home in Maine!!604&authkey=%21AK8UlIVeY9fYLvQ&v=3

Bob was my mechanic when I was racing. We had a lot of adventures when we were young, stupid and single. Yes, he is the Bob I was on the cycle with in my stories. It was DEVINE INTERVENTION that we lasted these 67 years. Bob stops up to shoot the breeze every year. We talk about how stupid and reckless we were. Yes we hug, Bob is closer to me than my brothers. When you defy death with someone, a bond is formed!! Bob, you guys are world famous now!!See you this summer!! I will have my new knee when we get together. I will be able to walk without a limp!!

Yes, this is Bob. We had a lot of dangerous adventures over the years! Glad we're both here!!

Lisa Kelly's House Call Grooming

Lisa Kelly  Owner/Pet Groomer Lebanon,PA
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Lisa visits your pet at your home and takes great care of your four footed family member!! Call or e-mail today to get the best service at home!!

Thank you, Lisa Kelly

Friday, August 14, 2015

Lloyds Rides!!

See my interview on the channel 11 blue ridge cable news!!

You can also get it by searching;         Lloyds Rides You-Tube

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Belmont Farms Four!

Top Three Floors aAlready Gone!

This is the second outbuilding!


        This is the same company restoring the belmont barn. They will have a whole complex of old restored buildings for weddings and banquets!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


w16 engine

V24 Engine  Yes, I am an old fart, I remember when a lot of these vehicles ran every week!!When one is not enough!!  Insomnia Cured Here??  If you want to see it, we have it here!! Plus the greatest movie ever made. According to me!  The Day The Earth Stood Still. Please explain to Mary, guys like to see the same movie over and over. We hope this time the ending is different. Why do you think guys are known for simple minds!!  I want one!!    600CI small block!    3000HP?   12,000 HP!!    One is enough, when you run nitroglycerine instead of  pump gas!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Yes, I am a BIKER and a CHRISTIAN! Yes I TRY very hard to life my life as THE LORD wants me to. It is tough sometimes! I fail every once in a while! But HE forgives me! Live your life as if HE is watching  every move you make!     HE IS!!!!


Allison P51 Mustang engine. 3000 Horse power stock!

NO, not me as a child!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wild Horses Two!

If you go to Maryland, see the wild horses. Just follow the rules, do not aggregate  the horses and have an experience that is fantastic!!

Kyra our granddaughter with the horse that gave us a tour of the town.

Assateague Wild Horses!   Info about Horses!  Pictures of Horses!

These are the pictures I took of our mingling with the horses. The signs say, do not touch or feed the horses. Remember they are wild. They walked right beside us, and moved around the cars. You must drive slow, as the horses have the right of way!! If you are going, click on the wild horse safety link in the Be aware, they can hurt you!!

Friday, March 13, 2015


Hard to believe, hearing the crash, you would not look outside to see what it was?? Lucky she did not bleed to death.
This lady is my 15 year old granddaughters favorite teacher at Elizabeth town Schools. Elizabeth town, PA.  Thank You LORD for watching over her!!

A 7th grade boy was killed by being struck by a car this week also. A very bad week for E-Town schools!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Belmont Farms Three!!

From Red Rose commons looking south to barn. The swamp where we picked bull rushes. Only later we learned Alcoa dumped heavy metal water they used to chrome plate fittings. Very TOXIC!!
Looking back to quarry from hired hands house!

Above two shots from Red Rose Commons, once part of the farm!

From the south side!

From the hired hands farm house!

From our old house looking over Fruitville Pike.

Belmont Farm Two!

House on the left was my mothers brother, center brick house was her parents, brick house on right was ours. Yes my grandparents were next door, easy to spoil us rotten! Now it is Mary's and my turn to do the spoiling.

The Caldwell House, 1577 Fruitville Pike for over 50 years!

Seems small to me now!
Farm property looking toward town from 283 bypass!

Between the Mansion and barn!

Property looking toward town from Red Rose Commons!

Smaller shed behind the barn!


I don't know why I am so apprehensive about getting knocked out and going under the knife again. Mary said I was never afraid of anything since she knew me. I  just  got a bad feeling about this. Half the times I was put under and cut, I was out of it before they started. I don't know why this time is different. I will go thru with the surgery, I cannot stand the pain in my knee anymore. The LORD is not ready for me, and the devil is afraid I will try to take over. I know the LORD will watch over me. It just does not feel right. When it is over, I will kick myself for worrying. The shrink was right, I have a weird sense of humor!!   

I put off the whole knee replacement last fall because of my suicide driveway.

This is the reason I have suffered all winter with my knee. Mary retired December 31, but still works two nights a week. I must clean the driveway so she can get in and out of the garage. Neighbors on either side of us, Kevin, Sandy his wife and Jim helped me with the driveway. It is great to have such helpful neighbors.
I will go under the knife April 9 TH. I will write about it, I will be back. My big mouth will not be silenced. I have too much to RAVE about YET!!

I take Mary to work these cold and treacherous nights. I am concerned of the other drivers in bad weather! Also with Mary's bad arthritis I do not want her getting into a car when it is 2 degrees outside and having to clean it off. I have arthritis bad too, and the cold weather makes it worse. Mary's is about three times worse than mine, for now!! When it snows, I clean the other cars off so the ladies have it a little easier. I am a sucker for damsels in distress!!