Friday, October 27, 2017


It started when our children were babies. We would talk to them like they would understand what we were saying? Like don't do that, stop crying, you get your way! We are used to telling someone how we feel, and suspecting an undeveloped mind to comprehend what we were thinking. I am finding out everyone does it. No matter how much learning we have, we expect everyone to understand what we mean.

Next we find ourselves doing it to our grandchildren. We did not learn from our young children looking at us like we lost our minds. we really did lose our minds, even talk in baby talk. We expect them to understand baby talk. It did not work for our kids, maybe the grandkids are smarter and will understand at the same young age. It does not occur to us that we are wasting our time trying to reason with a one year old mind. Again we try baby talk. Our kids were not smart enough to understand what we are saying. IT CANNOT be our mind that is not thinking enough to remember this did not work with our children when they were young. We must try harder!!

Now that we are in our late 60's, and on our third set of "children" maybe we can reason with our grandpuppies and our 2 furry children at our home. STOP laying in the walking path! Stop barking at the neighbors you see thru the window. Stop throwing a fit when the door bell rings. When a truck stops in the circle in front of our house. They are delivering to our neighbor. You will not get a biscuit from the driver. Then the FED EX truck passes on the main street to the other circle, and I let Sophie out to bark. THEN the driver on going out of the development turns left on our street, stops in the circle outside our house and throws a biscuit to Sophie in our driveway!!

No wonder she goes nuts when ever she sees or hears a motor vehicle. She thinks everyone has a biscuit for her. IT is the drivers fault Sophie goes nuts not mine!! It is nice to have a kid to blame my screwups on again?? :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Finally!! Recognition!!

Check out my interview, I even made the front page!!

Thank you, Chelsea!

Like me, old,warn out,not anything fancy,BUT never,ever,QUIT!!

LLOYD, looking down, and very proud of his family!
                                            I got my never, ever quit attitude from POP!

                                See the movie    BAND OF BROTHERS!   NEVER, EVER FORGET!

I promise I won't ride it fast!! TRUST ME!

                                        Mary, I'm riding this one, call&get me more life insurance:)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

British Thermal Units !

BTU's are at the source of the training I received for many years. I worked on Natural and Propane gas burners, Electric heaters, air and water. Air conditioners and heat pumps are sized by BTU's.

Now that I am retired, I hope to put some of my experiences here so others will learn from my mistakes, not make the same ones I did. I am BI-POLAR, my mind races a mile a minute. That helped  me in my job as a TROUBLE SHOOTER! The places I worked, when the equipment owned by that business broke, it was my job to get it running again!! One job I had for 8 years I was transported by the boss's airplane to  fix his equipment where ever it was.  I learned a lot over the years.

BTU's are heat measured doing work. Just like a gas or diesel engine, the more BTU's created, the more work you receive from the engine. Like the movie, JAWS, the shark expert talks about the shark being an engine. The shark eats, swims, and scare the crap out of us when we meet them in the water.
The engine in your vehicle burns the fuel, creates heat, and pushes the piston to propel the vehicle where it goes. Hopefully with nothing in front of it!

When you put gas in your tank it is 10% some form of alcohol, hopefully locally grown near the plant that makes it. That means when the air fuel mix is ignited in the cylinder you lose some power to push the piston and make horsepower. For my lawn tractor I am burning 100% gas, no alcohol. Any of the older gas engines not set up for alcohol, it harms the carburetor. I had to replace mine. If you have a performance engine, the carburetors will give you trouble after using 10% alcohol. Not just aluminum parts in the carburetor receive wear, you get less BTU's of heat, which means less Horse Power! Sure the gas is more expensive, but so is putting new Carbs. on your engine.

Your newer car runs OK on the 10% fuel. My Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 2002 motorcycle runs great on 10% fuel. At 1500 CC (cubic centimeters) I have enough horsepower to get into trouble. The little I lose I can do without. If you have an airport close, you can get airplane fuel. It is made better that regular gas. You do not want the motor quitting at 10,000 FEET!! Some weekend racers get airplane fuel in their race car. The pure race gas is very expensive. When I was racing the race gas was over $4.00 a gallon. Regular gas was about 45 cents a gallon.

The additive we used to put in the tank years ago was alcohol. When put in over winter, alcohol help carry the water droplets that got in the fuel line so that small droplet would not freeze and shut off the fuel to the engine. You had to tow the vehicle, and put in a heated garage overnight, or wait for warm weather to thaw your gas tubing. Now we get the alcohol added automatically!
Later I will spout off about salt ruining bridges and anything concrete.

Who is this OLD GUY!! 0 thats me!

Lots of BTU's, a V8 chevy engine. Mary said if I get one of these I must  get more life insurance. She knows how I am!!

COME ON! Buddy, try that on me. I am 69, partially crippled, but I can handle a women beater anytime!!

A Gorgeous Lady Biker. Yes, Mary knows I call every LADY gorgeous. Us men work a full time job for our families. You GORGEOUS ladies work at least 4 FULL time jobs.

I meet Dave at the Udder Choice- Ephrata, PA every other week for breakfast. An older lady came in while I was returning from draining my coffee. The wait staff all know how I am. She walked with two canes, some hair was missing, and she was slumped over. I tapped her on the shoulder and said good morning GORGEOUS!

About 15 minutes later Linda topped my off coffee, and said, be careful who you call GORGEOUS, it's 15 minutes later and she is still smiling so much we are afraid her cheeks will crack!!  LOL  You can see Linda if you go back a couple hundred posts.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Buddy Holly sleeps HERE!!

Sorry look down PAT!!
How quick they learn!
This is how much I will raise to save VETERANS LIVES!

My faithful young love, at least she is not a backseat driver!! LOL

Monday, August 21, 2017

No substitute for Cubic Inches!

That is why some outfits are building 1000 cubic inch v8 engines! You need cubic inches of combustion chamber to get a lot of fuel and oxygen to ignite and push the piston down faster.
 When the piston goes down, it creates vacuum and draws the oxygen and fuel into the cylinder so the spark can ignite the mixture, and push the piston down ( Horsepower ).There is no way to build horsepower, except cubic inches!
Well if you cannot get more cubic inches, what can you do?
In the 1940's gasoline engines of airplanes could not fly high enough to not be a good target for our
bombers and fighters flying the Europe skies of World War Two! Up at the height they were flying, the oxygen was very thin. How to get more oxygen into the cylinders of the planes. Yes Yankee
ingenunity  came to the rescue. They built fans that were hooked up to suck more air in. Since oxygen
fuel and spark are needed to make horsepower up high where air is limited. The crew inside the planes were hooked up to breath air with enough oxygen to keep the body going. Why not, force more air ( oxygen ) into the cylinders of the motors on the planes. Little did the mechanics that were hooking up forced induction for the planes to fly higher and higher think that years later us hot rodders would use this same system to make our engines think that they were bigger cylinders than they were. By forcing more air ( oxygen ) and fuel into a cylinder of say 5 cubic inches, we can by forcing oxygen, and fuel in under pressure get the performance of having a 10 cubic inch cylinder that is still only 5 cubic inches big.
A big thank you to the genuises of  yesteryear, we can go faster, and faster on the same engine with a set number of cubic inches.
Whether it be a turbo unit, a blower unit, or a supercharger, us horsepower mad freeks get our jollies with not having to build bigger and bigger engines;much less expensive.
My father Lloyd Caldwell, yes the Lloyd I named my Charity for was one of the mechanics that worked on the early forced induction systems. His brother Mervin raced a flathead engine car. And LLoyd was his mechanic. Yes in 1968, my 1962 400 horsepower V8 pontiac with three duces, carburetors ran much better when my Dad tuned it up. I could not afford forced induction. Which was what saved my life, with 400 horsepower the police knew me by name. I ran the Lancaster City loop route from 1964 to 1972. I had the Pontiac 1 1/2 years.  I got in enough trouble without forced induction. With more horsepower I would not have made it to old age. Mary my wife since 1972 got me off cigarettes, cigars, alcohol and my blood pressure under control. Without Mary, I would not be here now. Yes, I have Titanium and stainless steel keeping me mobile, but at least I am still here to write this.
Unfortunely Mary could not stop me from being an andrelain freak. It is in the Jeans!! LOL. Now to show you the forced induction motors of the 21st Century!
Yes, my mustach was long then, a lot of work, washed every night, Put wax on every morning.

My 50 year high school reunion. As I walked down the steps to the group, I wondered why all the old people were there for??    LOL

A 1962 Pontiac, not mine!