Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Still pouring down rain!

It is 7:00  monday morning. It is still pouring rain.Weather lady says probably will get 4 inches of rain this week. Hope no one floods out. Mother Nature is really upset with us again. She is mad at us for not taking better care of her planet. We must try harder to clean up this big blue marble we call home! We can not live without it. Can we take the hint. I hope so for our sake.

I check the obituaries every morning to see who made the column that I know. I am glad when I see it is not me. I am at the age now when life stops giving me things, and starts taking them away! I hope myself and my loved ones are not in the paper for a long time to come. But nothing in this life is a sure thing. I pray every night for help that we have more time in this life. I have lost friends that were close to me. And a lot of relatives. Now I only see relatives at marriages, and funerals. It is sad that as you age you see less and less of people who matter to you. They have their own lives to keep them busy.

Enough of my look at life, it is not funny anymore. The world is a lot of bad news every day. I hope our kids have a better life than we have had. I don't know if that will happen with the economy the way it is. We are running up debt our new generations will be responsible for. I hope they can pay it off and still have a good life.

I am not being funny right now. The rain has me down, and thinking about the life we are creating depresses me. I know somehow we will improve things for our future generations, somehow we will! I have faith in mankind. Faith is the belief in what you cannot see. And I see our future generations solving our problems. We are at our best at solving problems when our backs are against the wall. And for these problems I know we will find solutions. We just need to look to THE LORD for inspiration and all will be right in our world again. I know it in my soul!

See I am not always on my soapbox. Sometimes I try to highlight the other side of life's tough times. To make us think. We must find solutions to life's problems. And if I can make you think about a problem and find the solution, I have performed a valuable task. I am fulfilling a valuable service again. I am adding my solution to life like when I was working and fixing machinery. We can matter long after society tells us we are not needed in the work force. We are not out to pasture, just in a different part of the work force.  Thank you for letting me ramble on. I hope you got something out of my part of life's funny doings. I know it helped me putting it down on paper. We all need to be needed again. And I feel this is filling a need. Whatever it may be!

This is what I am fighting so hard for to improve. Our future generations place in this world. You don't have to be Great to Start; But you have to Start to be Great. Let's start for our future generations!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's two thirty in the morning!

Yes I am up late again. But remember I am retired, so I can sleep during the day. I am tired so I am not going to bore you too long.

It is pouring down rain again, at least I do not have to shovel it from suicide driveway! I hope Mother Nature does not flood anyone out in the next two days. She seems to be upset with us here of late, and showing her wrath all over the world. We must start treating her better. Our lives depend on it.

Look at my blog after next weekend. Bruce and I will be attending the motorcycle rally on Sunday again, if it is not rained out. We will show you the bikes if they show up. Thank you for following my adventures. I hope you find something useful with my ravings. If not, at least you can use a good laugh, everybody needs humor in their life. And my life has lots of laughs in it.

Just one of the beautiful bikes we drool over at the Legion first Sunday of the month! See you there, maybe.

One more post!

Well I am sitting here, and it is 10:00 P M tuesday night. I have an hour till I want to watch the news. I try to catch as many news casts as I can during the day, because Mary always asks me what the weather is when she gets up about 12:00 in the afternoon. She goes to bed when she gets home at 6:00 A M. She lays down again about 5:00 P M and gets up at 8:00 P M and gets ready for work again. I check the news paper every morning to make sure my obituary is not in the paper and I can start my day. Yes like the shrink told me years ago, I have a funny sense of humor. It has gotten me far in life. Everyone thinks I am weird I guess, but it works for me so far, and I don't plan on changing at this late date.

I hope everyone reading my blog gets some useful information from my well written, but rambling pages. At least I hope it is well written. I know I like to warn people to avoid their what I call bad traits. I know I have had a lot of them over the 65 years I have been practicing this thing called the living years. Mary helped me get rid of a lot of my bad TRAITS. I would not be alive this long if not for her. Now you have her to thank for you having to put up with me and my sarcasm! I guess that is what you call my ideas. But I feel I am helping my fellow man. Just don't take me too serious all the time. Most of the time when I am trying to tell you what you are doing wrong, it is because I have stopped doing it, and I feel better because I quit it. I want to pass my mistakes to everyone so you don't do it. But like my children and grandchildren I am learning you must make the mistakes yourself. Everyone must go thru it, we,
especially, me did not listen to my elders and had to experience life first hand too. I guess we must re experience life to learn the lessons of life. Nothing on this earth comes easy.To remember the lessons of life we must experience the lesson ourselves. I just hope we live thru our mistakes to learn another day.

I know the voices in my head are not real, but they have some great ideas.  Thank you Marcy for this quote I can steal.   Also I got a quote I like, I don't know where, but today it fits what we read in the newspaper.    Congress?  Never underestimate the Power of stupid people in large groups!  The government probably has me on their watch list for being wacky anyway so If I slam congress it does not matter. But I do not like what the people we elected to run this great country are doing. I feel they are screwing it up. They are just in Washington to line there their pockets and retirement portfolios. They do not care about us. Shutting down the government proved that. We all need to get out and vote. I am crippled, can't walk good, but I get my lazy butt out to vote. I like to fuss about life, and if you don't vote you should not criticize. And I like to fuss so I vote. Everyone should vote. You see what happens when we don't. You get what we have today! Well enough, my soapbox is getting overwhelmed with my bull. I will save my other ravings for another day. I can hear it is raining hard again. I am glad we built our house high on the hill. The other house we had, a rancher was built on the bottom of a long hill. The garage was in the basement thankfully, because we had to leave the garage door open a couple inches to let the water run through. So this house is the cumulation of 10 years living a nightmare, afraid whenever it rained. Now I just hate the snow, on my suicide driveway. But at least we have no tornadoes like others have, at least not yet. It does not matter where you live, there is something to ruin your day, or your life. Mother Nature does not have a funny bone, just a sarcastic one. And of late she is using it more and more.

As you can see, this house is not afraid of the rain. And Mary says when I cannot walk back up  the hill from getting the paper and mail, I CAN JUST DRIVE DOWN AND UP AGAIN. I like the voices in her head more and more now that we have been together  42 years. She is thinking more like me all the time. I hope that is good?  Say hi to suicide driveway!

Called Bruce and harassed him about waxing his Bike again!!

I figured Bruce needed a laugh, It is good for him to get a laugh now and then. It is good for everyone to laugh every day. Sometimes several times a day! Bruce and I call and leave funny voice mails on each others phone. I like to check up on him to see if he is still breathing, and this way he does not feel I am checking up on him. Also he needs someone to talk to. He is alone too much of the day. He still complains about returning to work. I really hope he can. It would really work on his nerves if he must be home alone all day. He really needs a wife now. Its a shame he did not find someone to settle down with.

Bruce is too much like me, trusting everyone. I cannot see the bad in folks. I have been burned several times myself in this life. After a while I figure out the person, after they take advantage of me for a while. That is why I love Mary so much. She does not have one bad bone in her body. Just a lot of bones that are wearing out from overuse all her life like me! And that motorcycle accident in 2002 did me no favors.

I wish I had movies of me being launched off my cycle and flying thirty feet through the air and bouncing off the middle lane of route 501 at Kissel Hill in Lititz, PA. I might have gotten the $10,000 prize on the best videos on TV. At least then I would have gotten some cash for the pain and suffering I experienced then and now! Well that is water under the bridge. I don't even have the memories of it. just the hurts, and my old helmet with the chunk of fiberglass missing where my head hit the road before the rest of my body landed.

I need to put a picture of my helmet in here for all the people who ride without a helmet. I shudder whenever I pass a rider bare headed. The surgeon who saw me in the hospital let me know without that helmet he would not be talking to me. I know it is total freedom not wearing a helmet, but is it worth the rest of your life, or being turned into a vegetable. Yes I am on my soapbox again, but if I can save just one person from a life changing accident that could have been prevented it is worth my time and shooting off my big mouth again!

Bruce still wears his helmet from the 60's. Yes I tell him about it. The old helmet would offer little protection anymore. But at least it is  helmet!

Yes, it is a little after 9 PM, Mary left for work so I am unsupervised again!! She will be home about 6 AM so I will be restrained again. I just have to make it for these few hours and everything will be hunky dorey!   I know you guys like Bruce needed a good laugh. That is what I specialize in, good-natured fun on tap. Since I can't get the tap at the beer hall anymore, this is the tap I have gone too.

I will call  Bruce probably tomorrow and harass him again, before he calls me and does the same thing. We are suppose to have two more days of heavy rain. Hope it is nice Sunday so Bruce and I can drool over the many bikes at the Legion Sunday. We can reminisce about when we were young and lived for riding. I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says   Live to Ride  Ride to Live  Even though we are ancient by our grandkids' thoughts, the same feelings as when we were young and had hair on top of our heads we still have.

The other Monday when I rode, it still felt the same as when I was young. All my hurts did not seem as bad when I was gliding on my iron horse. Even my clutch fingers that hurt when I squeezed the lever did not seem as bad when I was riding. I hope Bruce can ride again. If he can't I will take him on the back. But that is not as great as when you are in control! We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I know that there will come a time when I will be cut back on some more of what I can do. I will fight Mother Nature no more. When that time comes I will accept it graciously. YEA RIGHT!

You know me, I will fight for every minute to ward off old age. I will not go peaceably into the next chapter of my life till I can not fight anymore. When I can't breath anymore is when I will accept defeat. Until then I will keep on trying to do the things that give me pleasure.

1. Love my family.
2. Do my minion work for THE LORD.
3. Love and care for everyone I know needs it..
4. Help a many people as I can.
5. Never give up the good fight.
6. When my time is over, prepare to meet MY LORD. I hope he is in a good mood!
7. You know me, one more laugh for the road!
8. Thank you LORD for giving me all that I have. Help us all, for we need YOU in our lives, forever!

Bruce's hawg with the 11 coats of wax on it. At least that keeps him busy!! And gives him a good reason to keep going, which we all need in this crazy thing we call life!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Never knew I had so much to RAVE about!

Yes this is turning into a great place for me to get my thoughts out of my head. Sorry if you do not like them all. Let me know if I should modify any of my posts. I put down what I believe in. And I hope you find some part of my raves that interests you. I have liked freedom all my life. Thats why I was born a biker. The freedom you feel when you ride can't be matched by any other kind of feeling. It is intoxicating, that's why we will ride in any kind of weather. I have ridden at two degrees below zero, to one hundred 20 degrees in heat that was almost unbearable. In snow, and rain so hard the paper money in my wallet was stuck together. Yes when I was younger I braved all kinds of weather. Now not so much. I am more careful and appreciative of these living years THE LORD has given me. I am writing this so my future generations can see what weird guy they came from.

I wrote about the Christian Motorcycle Association before. They attend all the gatherings of bikers and bring all who they can to CHRIST. We need more good people working for THE LORD. I do what I can in helping others. If each person helps just one other, this world will be a better place. I know I keep repeating some things, but being male, I know us men have to hear something a lot of times till it sinks in our thick skull. We will do good, our women just need to keep reminding us! God gave us women to keep us straight. And I love them all for guiding us in the right direction.

Do a good deed today!    THE secret to getting ahead;IS getting STARTED.     As men we just need a push from our women to put us on the right path. LORD thank you for giving me a good women to keep me straight. You call her Mary, I call her my salvation!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yes Marcy, tonight my brain was on fire!

I wrote a lot tonight, my mind is troubled about Bruce, This putting my thoughts down on paper help THE LORD'S words to penetrate my thick scull. I need jogged to think sometimes. And writing helps me to relax. That is when I am ready to accept HIS instructions. I know Dave H. and I will succeed with Bruce on saturday morning. HE will give us the right words to get Bruce to see our side of the argument. We are doing HIS bidding, I know we will do it right. 

It is fascinating how THE LORD strikes you with the power to do whatever HE feels needs done. Getting thru to Bruce through our love of motorcycling I feel will work. I met the new man who bought the house besides me. He rides a Harley too. His Daughter and her family live one house on the other side of the one he bought. We got a good neighbor beside us again. The whole block is good people. We lucked out again. Thank you LORD. Please keep doing a great job of keeping this world a good place to raise families in. We are counting on you to help us, we can not do it alone!

Thank you for sending me to help Bruce LORD! It makes me feel good to know I am still useful to you!

Tough times never last, TOUGH PEOPLE DO!

Yes Bruce is tough. He has managed to get thru 66 years of life, fighting his tough battle every day. He worked at Armstrong industries for 27 years. And got thru life's hard knocks with little help. He has a lot of friends around Lancaster,PA. Every one he ran into has turned out to call Bruce a friend. That is why I feel obligated to help him out. I will stick to Bruce as my friend till one of us is not breathing anymore. Yes I am not deeply religious, but I feel a debt to THE LORD for giving me all these great years I have lived thru so far. Meeting and winning Mary, three great children, three wonderful grandchildren so far, and the ability to keep going, even with all my hurties I have gotten over the 65 years I have been stumbling thru this thing we call life. Sometimes I think my life has gone too fast. But the lord has given me a long and good life. I just am not ready to meet HIM anytime soon. But that is not my call. I have a lot of HIS work to do yet. But I can be recalled at any time, when my warranty runs out. 

I know I think out side the box, sometimes it is not even box shaped!LOL But I know what I want to do with the rest of my time in the living years. And that is help as many people as I can.    Yes I hear voices in my head, but they are telling me to help my fellow man, and woman. They can't be bad, when they are telling me GOD'S commandments.

Yes I am TOUGH. I will not take no when THE LORD demands a yes!
 He is guiding my actions most of the time, When I won't get out of my chair to do his bidding, I suffer the consequences of feeling bad for a time till I get going again. I am not perfect, just a man trying hard to live up to what I should do. Yes THE LORD demands tough people to do his work. We need to stick to the problem till we solve it. If you are going thru a tough time right now, remember it will not last. And someone is looking for you to help you through your tough time. We just need to find each other. That is what prayer is for!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Rotten maingy male cat!!

Mary named the brother and sister cats. She does not like the names I call them. The male she named KIT and the female she named KAT. After her favorite candy bar. I guess if I name a pet I will have to call it Snickers, or chocolate peanut butter egg!

Well anyway he came home about two hours after Mary went out the back door to the porch and he escaped. I guess he could not find a better home so he returned. Mary said it is against her better judgement, but she let him in. She has picked up my strange sense of humor in the 42 years we have been together. She has learned to stand up for herself since we got married in 1972. When we first got together she never said much about anything. That has changed over the years. She is not afraid to tell me what she thinks anymore. I am glad she is letting me know when I do wrong, for it has been a lot over the years.

I would not be alive now if not for Mary telling me right from wrong. It has only been about 4 months since she stopped buying me diet soft drinks and I lost over 28 pounds so far. I am sure my blood sugar is lot better too. When we went to the Doctor yesterday he said all my tests look better than ever. I go to see him every three months, and go to the vampire for them to suck out my blood for testing. Mary gets copies of my blood work so she can compare how I am doing. See why I wanted to marry a nurse. I knew she would come in handy since when I was single I rode in the ambulance a lot. It has happened less in these years. I don't want to push THE LORD too much to save me now that I am older and WISER! LOL

I took Mary and our daughter Laura to garage garage sales tonight. It was raining and Mary asked if I would run them so Mary does not have to walk so much on her sore heel. I said of course. She has to work tonight and will not get much sleep. She has off the weekend, so she can catch up on her rest then, if our grandson lets her, We must tell him she is at the store so he does not go up the steps to her bedroom and wake her. He is 3 1/2 years old, so he believes me yet!

Well I must check if the rotten cats have food and water. Then when I sit on my lazy-boy to relax after Mary goes to work the cat can jump up on my leg, prepare to have a nightmare and claw up my leg again. I'm like Rodney, I get no respect, even from the rotten cats! 

Must get a little sleep, going to take Bruce to breakfast tomorrow morning by five thirty. He likes to get there so we can get his favorite table. I don't think we are smart enough to save everyone yet! We do what we can! That is all anyone can ask. You know me I look at life differently now that I am almost 66, never give up. But I have learned sometimes it is wiser to run so you can fight another day!    I'm not telling you it is going to be easy; I'm telling you it will be worth it!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The crazy, spoiled rotten darn mangy ferious felines!!

So much doom and gloom I have been writing about, I figure you need a break from all the serious pages I have been writing! Mary called me one saturday morning a few years ago. She said, how about since your birthday is coming up, I get you a new cat! Since the cat we had for 14 years died a few months before and the only cat I ever bonded with was gone, I said I guess. It was not as much a question as letting me know it was happening. When Mary arrived home, she had two cats. Both long hairs. We had never had long hair cats before and had no idea what we were in for. She said they were brother and sister, and  could not bear to split them up. I said hurrah. I wanted to sleep inside tonight!

We of course had to pick up new dishes, feed and litter again. I have to admit they were cute. A first impression I would regret later.LOL. We had to have them fixed, and they settled into being bad as they could. They were into everything in exploring their new dwelling. Of course the grand kids loved the new babies. They even jumped up on my legs in my lazy-boy. We learned soon enough the male was lazy. He never cleaned himself. The female did good at grooming. The male got clumps and Mary and the girls had to trim him to get rid of the knots. We called him baldy  till his hair grew out again. Since my smeller does not work I did not smell his odor like Mary and the kids. It is about time to trim him again as he is all clumps. And when they shed it is in big clumps. Mary keeps saying, I can't believe something alive loses that much hair and is still alive.

The only problem I have with either cat is the female. For some reason both like to sleep on my legs when I am laying on my lazy-boy. As most of the time I fall asleep on the chair all night, she has a problem with having night mares and wakes up screaming and digging her claws into my legs to get away! One night she jumped the wrong way and hit my bookshelf beside my chair and knocked my pencil holder and a bunch of books on the floor. It does not happen all the time, but it is enough to have my legs all clawed up. My bib overalls of jeans material offer little protection. I keep saying I'm going to take her to a cat shrink, but I have not found any on the internet yet?LOL I'm afraid if I find a shrink, he might have me committed instead of the cat!

I just figured you guys need another good laugh, and it is another of my jobs to supply it for you. I went to the Doc today and I lost another 13 pounds. Mary is doing a good job at keeping me on good food and drink. I know that is a hard job for her. I don't listen too good. But I am getting better! Going to the gym three days a week help too. Keep coming back for my adventures in life.

Thank you for checking out my need to make you laugh. It has lightened my spirits too. In today's world we need light hearted times too. We need all the good news we can get. Most of today's news is depressing! But remember THE LORD is always there to help us. I know for a fact this is true, being HIS minion, I know he helps us all the time.We are never alone!

Mary informed me just as I finished this post that when she went out the porch door, the male cat ran outside. They are suppose to be inside cats. The male gets out every now and then. He is fixed so he can do no harm. Just the male pride of getting away with something. A lot like Bruce and I with riding motorcycle. AH! The freedom! It never gets old, even though we do!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LORD, please keep me going!

LORD, I need help today, if not sooner!!  Lord give me the wisdom to win your good fight,we need it!! Your faithful lowly minion!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mistakes are proof that you are trying!!

Than that means in this life; I am really trying hard all the time. But you learn from your mistakes. If you make no mistakes, you are not learning anything.    Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible!!    Than the human race has been seeing the invisible for a long time!! And we are learning!

Happy Earthday??

Are we really glad to rejoice what we are doing to this earth? We need to stop polluting and try to save this humble planet so our future generations have a place to live. We are running our clean air and water to a contaminated mess. Our future generations will be paying for our sloppy living for generations to come. And they will be paying for our borrowing money to keep us going. This is really something for me to rave about! I know everything looks bad, but I know we can do better. We can save the environment if we just put our mind to it. We have the power to right all our wrongs. We just need to get started.

We are right now starting to get our manufacturing back to the states. We must continue to get things made over here and bring business back to the good old USA! And we will do it. I know things are starting to turn around. If we can get the right people in Washington, we will correct all the bad things that have been going on for too long. We will do what we have to do, when our backs are against the wall. I have faith in the people of this great country. We will survive, and we will prosper again.

My coming generations and all of us depend on us getting America back to work with good jobs again. We will fight till we are back on top of the world rating again. I know we will be super again. We need to be to keep this world on the right path. To give our future generations as good or a better life than we have had. This good old USA will shine again. I know it!

Do you hear the national anthem playing behind me. I know I hear it. Let's put all of us back to good paying jobs. And get our kids to the top ranks of what we need to learn to get us leading the world in professional jobs. Get us leading the world in new discoveries again. We can do it.

I hope you see the USA getting up off our duff and getting this world in shape like I do. We must be a leader in new discoveries and manufacturing again. The USA will be great again, I know it! As soon as we let THE LORD back in our lives we will accomplish what ever we set our minds to.

The difficult we will do immediately; the impossible will take a little longer!     Thank you for letting me rave again. I feel better knowing I have done a little bit to help this world survive. At least in my mind!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The furry cottontail invaded my house again!!

Yes  the Easter Bunny was here again, and She said to not eat my candy all today! She knows I have little self control. That is the story of my life. She has guided my life since  we met. I would not be here anymore, except for her!

The kids' baskets are on the table, and their Reese's peanut butter chocolate covered bunnies are calling to me. My Snickers peanut butter rabbit is waiting for me to devour it when the kids get here. I already sampled my peanut M & M's. They are delicious. I lost my will power. It will kick in soon and I will be fine again! At last self control is mine again. At least for a little while! Till the kids get here at least.

The problem with Bruce, I was hoping the LORD would strike me in my thick head and I would be inspired with a great idea. No such luck last night. I must suffer for a while longer till I am enlightened or helped to conquer the problem. WE will think of a miracle, or at least an option at a later date. I know HE will not let me down. And if Bruce has to lose his house, WE will come up with another plan. We will pre vale no matter what. Maybe it will be better for Bruce to get an apartment so there is no upkeep. WE will work something out. He can keep his Harley in my garage for now till WE come up with another plan. Things will work out for the best, I know they will. Maybe just not what we expected. Bruce is tough, he will survive, and WE will help him to adjust.

If the Easter Bunny can get in peoples houses and leave treats, anything can happen. And it usually does. Did not find any messes, so the bunny went out outside, not like our cats, or dogs! Yes my life is grand again, at least for the moment. We live moment to moment in this life, and at times it is grand. When it is not is few and far between. We live for the good memories of life. And push the bad ones out of our minds.  At times. Thank You LORD for having us remember the good times more.

Right this minute I took a tablet to stop the mucus build in my throat and nose. My arthritis pain is at a minimum, and my knee and shoulder do not hurt too much. All is great with my world for this minute. The kids will be here soon, the grand dog will be kissing us again, the house will be noisy with the kids laughter. All will be happy, at least for a while. We will recharge out batteries on the good times of the family get together again. Yesterday at Tim and Sarah's house is still fresh in our minds. Today with the kids again will be great.

Acting crazy sometimes is my way of coping with this strange world we live in.You have to laugh at life, or sometimes it devours you. And I laugh a lot! Do His work, Help someone to cope with this strange world, and your world will be that much better for it. Thank You LORD for all you have given me all these years. Help me gain the wisdom to do what I have to. I know my head is thick, but YOU have done it before, I know YOU can get thru to me again. I know YOU never quit either!

This is what we are fighting so hard for, our future generations need us!!    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger; Except for bears, Bears will kill you!! LOL

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Saturday ?

Took Bruce to breakfast again. Tried to talk to him about accepting help so he would not lose his house. He is still not wanting to accept help. He says he does not accept charity. Any ideas of how to change his mind will be appreciated. I don't know where to go from here! How do you help someone who refuses help! I will keep trying.

Going to my oldest son's for our Easter celebration today. Have to figure how to bribe my daughter-in-law to find out which plastic eggs she hid the chocolate peanut butter eggs in so I can get one at the egg hunt?  LOL You know me, I never give up!

Will ask the LORD for help with Bruce. HE has always come thru for me before. I know I can't do it myself, not smart enough yet, will never be. If you have any ideas, e-mail me at   I will not give up on Bruce. He worked hard all his life and does not deserve to lose all he has. In retirement trying to hold on to what you have gets harder and harder with today's climate. I hope our outlook on retirement changes so we can enjoy our "golden" years.

Dear LORD; please make Dave H. I and our wives smart enough to get Bruce to accept the help he so desperately needs!  AMEN

This helping others is beginning to stretch my brain. I guess this is what I need right now. I have learned a lot over the years. This is just one more thing I must absorb to get the job done. And you know I will get the job done, even if it almost kills me! Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for any idea you can come up with to further along our project of helping Bruce. I will let you know how we progress on the problem. Banging together enough heads should give us some good ideas!

Bruce had another friend take him to the Harley open house where he got bis latest bike. He will be in a good mood today. Hopefully he will be more receptive to ideas this week.

Pray for us to help Bruce. I know prayer helps! GOD is a good friend in times of need! And we all need good friends in our lives! Especially today!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday with Bruce

Picked up Bruce and took him to the eye doctor. Spent two and a half hours there. When he came out, he could hardly see. Had drops in his eyes, and had an injection in his eye ball. I shudder just to think of getting a shot in an eyeball!

After the visit to the doctor, I took Bruce to see his mom. I told the girl who was taking care of them to help get them ready we were taking his mom and roommate for a motorcycle ride. They both liked the idea, even though it was impractical. When we were getting ready to leave I asked Bruce if he needed groceries. He asked if I could take him to Adamstown, about 45 minutes away for some home made vegetable soup. I said sure why not!

Leaving the home where his mom lives, I said I called Mary and told her I would not be home for a while, we were picking up two hot babes. Bruce laughed, and said, yeah one 86 and one 93. We  both laughed. We drove to the market and got Bruce some groceries. He had trouble seeing so I helped him. He says it is usually a day or two till he can see good again.

Bruce said five times on the trip home thank you for helping me. I say, that is what friends are for. I did not go to church for Good Friday, but helping a comrade in need is more like what the LORD has in mind for us to do on his special days.

Yes I am doing my best to help others. I have done so all my life. But I feel now I have more time to devote to that I am answering a calling. Yes I hear voices in my head, but they are saying help your fellow man and woman. "I know the voices in my head aren't real; But they have some great ideas."

That is a great saying, but I know the voices I hear from THE LORD are real. They keep telling me not to sit around, get up and help someone. And I am trying my best to obey! I know there will come a time if I am in the living years long enough that I will need a lot more help than I am getting now. And I want to be able to say, I used to do that, help others. And it felt real good doing IT. After all we all need help sometimes.

Randy "Hoss" Caldwell THANK YOU!

Gotta get Bruce's eyesight back to normal so he can look at the Hawgs
First Sunday of the month the rest of the summer!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Its ironic that this title came to me tonight. This is thursday night! Tomorrow is GOOD FRIDAY! And this rock opera is about the last three days Jesus Christ spent on this earth. This movie was the AH HA moment in my young life. I was a young man when I first saw the movie and it was the climax of my spiritual life. All of a sudden all the learning I went thru in sunday school came together and meant something to me. I understood what they were trying to pound into my thick scull. It made visually what I could only see in my mind for so many years. Finally I understood what Easter was about! The significant of palm sunday. The tearing up of the stands of the money changers and why Christ was so mad at them using the church itself to be a den of money mongers!

Finally my feeble mind got it. It was my turning point, that I was not important in this world. The people who needed help were what Christ came to this earth were about. I needed to stop putting myself first, and helping others not as fortunate as myself. It would take a lot more years till I grasp the full spectrum of what this would make my life outcome to turn into. Meeting Mary was the final straw in making my life what is today. She would mold my character to be a help to those that needed helping. Yes I was big and tough, but always an old softie inside. And Mary helped bring out the good in my character. And what a character I am! Just ask anyone who has been around me for a while. Mary and I are opposites! Yes opposites do attract, and we are the proof.

That is why I need to help others. It is inbred in me from my Father and Mother. They were always helping others as I grew up. Someone was living with us a lot of the time while I was at home, and after I left. And Mary and I had a lot if people living with us over the years. We both feel the need to help others. I feel that is why we hooked up. Our lifestyle would not have worked out had one of us not been willing to put up with the extra people in our house. Yes it is ironic I am writing this on the night before good friday. HE is guiding my hands again! So you can get this message too. I always thought about writing a book as I was growing older. Unlike Bob Quinn, I will not write a book, this blog is where my talents have landed. HE knows I can do more good right in the pages of this blog. I am getting HIS message out.

I will help Bruce, and Bob and probably others I don't even know yet. I just hope all the others we have helped over the years are paying it forward! I am sure the LORD is guiding their hands the same as HE is guiding mine. I never worried about getting credit for my good deeds in these living years. And when I am at the pearly gates, I figure I will not boast about what I have accomplished in these living years.The only one who matters will know and that is all that matters to me.

If you need to make money from home, check out my web sites. If I can help relieve your burden of not having enough money in your life, I have accomplished part of the task HE is leading my to do. There are all kinds of help we can offer. With Bob it is helping him sell his books. With Bruce it is helping him gain back his mobility that the stroke has taken away. For Dave and Sally it is getting the word out to get prayers for them. For those I have not met yet, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. You know I am Bi-Polar, I think out of the box. My mind is racing a mile a minute, and keeping my mind occupied on another cause keeps me out of trouble. Mary is glad when my mind is occupied. She does not have to help clean up the mess I make!

Thank you LORD for using me to get your message out. Keep using me however you need to. I knew you had a propose for me all these years. I just was too stubborn to listen to you for a lot of years. Keep trying till it sinks thru my thick skull. I will eventually get the message!

Like Mary's card says,  A LONG TIME AGO!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Randy's Ravings: I need your HELP again!!

Randy's Ravings: I need your HELP again!! Thank you for reading this page, and offering your prayers! Randy"Hoss"Caldwell

I need your HELP again!!

My very good friends wife needs your prayers. Dave who is in my pictures with his cycle when we were young and full of energy, she is fighting cancer for the second time. I know this is a very private time for them, but I know with lots of prayers we can fight this and beat it. When Dave told me the other night the lymph node they removed from her leg was cancerous, I thought of my picture of the pelican with the frog in its mouth with the frog choking the pelican's throat. This is the way I know Sally will be fighting this horrible disease. With all her might. She will never give up! Please ask THE LORD to intervene on Sally's behalf. Dave and Sally are a very devoted Christian family and need your prayers. WE thank you very much for helping us to seek a good solution to this situation! With THE LORD on our side, we can accomplish this miracle.      God Bless

Worry is the Dark Room where Negatives are Developed!!

Yes I am a worry wart! I get it from my Mom. She used to worry till she got physically sick. And growing up with her led me to be a worrier! It is a useless emotion, and is hard on you physically. I am slowly learning not to worry so much. But like all habits it is hard to give up. I could not get hold of Bruce last week on his cell or landline and I worried something happened to him. I told my wife I felt like driving over there to see if he is all right again. She said he is a big boy, and can take care of himself. I know that now, and when he forgets to carry his cell phone I must adjust and realize I cannot get worked up for his safety all the time. It will not help Bruce if I get sick worrying about him! All the things that can go wrong in this world are not the worry of us every day. The  LORD watches over the world, and HE does not want me to get sick worrying about every little thing. I feel better when I talk to Bruce every day, but if he is busy I know he will survive without me checking up on him.

Worry is the thing heart attacks are made of. I have survived for almost sixty six years and I will survive a lot more if I take better care of myself. And Bruce has done the same. If he choses to not follow the Doctors orders, there is nothing I can do about it, but to try to reason with him to listen. I have enough trouble following my Doctors and Mary's orders myself. And Bruce has no Mary to remind him of what he should do. I have told Mary hundreds of times over our 43 years together that I would not be alive now except for her caring and constant telling me what to do! I said before I have little will power, and it has gotten me in trouble numerous times. I try not to sneak a treat when Mary is not around. But they are few and far between now. I realize I want to be here to see my future generations as much as I can. I go to the gym to work out as often as I can. Usually three days a week. And I walk the development when the weather is nice, even though my knee hurts a lot from bending. Not enough yet to get my knee replaced.

 I went over to my Daughter's this morning, her Durango would not start. She though the battery was bad. When I got there it started right up. I talked to her about it, and asked if the starter turned over the engine or was silent. She said it made noise turning over but would not start. Then she told me the lights went off while she was driving one night. And sometimes the electric windows don't work right away. I believe the computer is going bad. That can be time consuming and expensive. They just paid it off, and now may be facing an expensive repair bill. I will search the problem on the internet and see if others have the same problem, and can find the cheapest fix. Another job for me. So I must take better care of myself, a lot of people are depending on me right now. I need to be around to get my jobs done. Lord help me to take care of myself and those who depend on me. Help me to be smart enough to fix the problems that confront my thought process. Thank you for helping this messed up world, and help enough people to get involved with the process of straightening out the mess we are making of your wonderful world. Please help us before we screw it up too much!

At least I don't have to worry about the world as long as the LORD is in charge. HE will show us how to save this tired out world so we can pass it on to future generations in good shape. I will have a good scenic route to ride my cycle as long as I can pass my leg up over the seat. And when I can't lift my leg up that high, I probably will get a scooter so I can still feel the wind in my face and see the world from not thru the bars of a metal cage. At least I have the memories of riding many thousand of miles over the years even if I can't ride too long at a time now. The short rides I take now make me feel as good as the long ones I took when I was young and whole. And even had hair on the top of my head! Thank you LORD for this great life YOU have given me. And now you know why I say I am HIS minion. I will continue to do his work as long as I can, as long as I am breathing!

Look up the Christian Motorcyclists Association. If you can afford it, join up. They are a great worldwide organization and help people all over the world. They have helped my nephew grow up into a wonderful father. They help a lot of people, and attend a lot of rallies bringing folks to CHRIST!

Monday, April 14, 2014

My world is GREAT; at least for right now! This hour!!

My son-in-law and I, mostly him and his boy, took my snowblower off my tractor yesterday and put the belly mower on. Now tomorrow night they are calling for snow showers! It is April 14, come on Mother Nature cut us a break and stop with the weird weather. No matter what happens I will battle to rid my suicide driveway of snow.

Luckily Mary does not have to go to work till tomorrow night. She started her summer routine of working nine nights in two weeks instead of ten. She gets an extra day off over summer to do the garden work and so we can go away once in a while. Because of all the money I lost when the builder filed bankruptcy and owed me a lot of money we had to refinance our house and Mary must work part time for a few more years when she retires in December. That is why I am building my business from home. So Mary does not have to work so much.

My world is great today, I worked cleaning up the garage, had Mary help me check the oil and water level on my cycle, and I took a 14 mile ride on my cycle. The first ride this year. I did not stay out too long because it looked like rain. With all the stones on the road from winter I did not want to ride when it's wet. When it first rains the road is very slippery from all the oil and gas left on it. After it rains a while it washes the road cleaner!

I like to put ten miles on an engine when I start it. You need to get the oil hot enough to burn the moisture out of it. I put air in the tires to bring them up to operating pressure. The bike is ready to bring me lots of joy this summer. I texted Jeff that the bike is ready for him and Heather when they move home from North Carolina for Jeff to start school for his Masters of Divinity. I just hope in three years when he graduates, he and Heather can get a church not too far away. Well whatever happens, we will adjust.

Yes my world is great today! Mary could not go on the ride with me, she wants to go, but her back is in bad shape from all the lifting of old people all these years. One bad pothole and it will throw her back out. I am glad we took the trips we did years ago. I can't ride too long at a stretch either. But when I was riding around Speedwell Forge today, nothing hurt me far a while. The only stiffness I felt was in the fingers I use to pull in the clutch. I must build up the muscles in my left hand.

I felt great after the ride, and I feel great now. My stiff joints are coming back, but it was worth it to feel free again on my iron horse. The air going around my windshield, hitting me felt like old times. The feeling of freedom is not easy to explain to someone who has never ridden. It is a way of life. You must want to ride, it is addicting. You want to feel the wind, and see the world not from an iron cage, but be a part of it.

I know us bikers are different from "normal" folks. And I will be a biker till I am not breathing anymore. Like my father, and his father! Jeff is a fourth generation biker. I hope at least one of his kids get the bug! And carry the tradition on. Maybe I will be around long enough to see it. Depends what the LORD has in mind for me.

If you are a biker you understand. If you never rode, find someone and try it. See if it gets in your blood too. Bruce and I will be at the rallies this summer so stop back for more pictures of us crazy bikers, and our crazy great bikes. I like to be different from everyone else. That is why I like to see the different bikes, and their people! The more different the better I like it.

Thank you for stopping to inhale my blog. I hope I entertained and made you think. Stop back and see what two crippled motorcycle lovers are up to. You need a good laugh!!

Bruce might be down for now, but like me he will fight to reclaim his place on the bike, just like I will. Bruce is bullheaded just like me, and my three year old grandson. I bet he will be a biker too!

Bikes and bikers by the prayer tent!

Bruce checking out the trike, but like me he would not ride one, we like to lean and the freedom it provides.
Even wounded, he still rides his bike. I carry my fold up cane in my saddle bag too.

Just had to include another shot of my name sake. THE BOSS HOSS 350! Chevy 350 cu. in. a real man's bike, with a real man's price too. No I don't want one, you know I have no willpower and I want  to stay in these living years for a long time yet!

The LORD'S Minion

Yes I felt like being the LORD'S servant for most of my life. I know at least two people who need my help. Bruce and Bob Q. I feel I have to make up for the things I have done in my life that I should not have done. To  say I was criminal is not a very accurate statement. But I have done things in my like that would have gotten me in trouble. Mostly they are related to traffic problems. Yes when I was single, I did some things I am not proud of. Now I feel I must correct for those mistakes. And helping those not as fortunate as myself is the way I have chosen to go. When I do for someone else, it gives me a good feeling. When I was speeding or reckless driving I was pumped up on adrenaline, Yes I am an adrenaline junkie. It is a lot more addictive than any drug you can introduce in to your body! And the good feeling I receive from helping others over the years is better than when I was young.

The feeling I got from helping at the youth center years ago is the same good feeling I get now. Everyone needs to help others when they need it. And this world will be a much better place for it. I am doing what I can. My doing is a lot different that when I was younger and had full function of my body. Now I am crippled and not able to do a lot of things. But there is a lot of things I can do. And I will keep doing what I can, as long as my body allows. I say I will keep learning as long as I am breathing. And that goes for my helping others!

There but for the grace of GOD go I! GOD has been exceptionally good to me over the years. I know he has spared my life over the years for something he has planned for me to do yet. And my helping others is what I believe HE has in mind for me. I will do this, till HE finds something else for me to do. I am sure GOD will let me know if I am doing a good job. HE has sent hints over the years. Some of them painful, but nothing I can't stand! Thank you LORD for straightening me out and putting me on the right Path! Writing in this blog is a way for my to help others. When they see how I have changed, they know they can too.

Yes everyone can follow in the LORDS footsteps. WE can make a better world, one person at a time. If I can just reach one person today and change his or her life for the better, I know my work has been worthwhile.  TOMORROW is another day to try to reach one more person. If we all can reach just one person a day, we can change our world for the better. Yes I am on my soapbox again, but I felt compelled to put this down on paper. You will understand when HE reaches out to you to do the same!

The people who are trying to push GOD out of our life will not succeed. There is too many saved souls who like me will rebel and keep THE LORD in our lives. We will succeed! If we just reach out to others, we will have a better world. I can feel it in my soul!! Faith is the belief in what you can't see!! And I feel the LORD touching me every day. To stop my physical pain long enough so I can help those who are less able to survive than We are. Try to be The LORD'S Minion today. We need you to reach out to someone in need. We will be in service to THE LORD, and no one can stop us from helping others.  

Thank you; Randal"Hoss"Caldwell

See Bob Quinn's writings at The Blarney Roost. He has a lot of military themed writings too.

This is Bruce's house.

Remember this is what we are fighting for. Our future generations! So they can have at least a life as good as ours, but hopefully better than we have had!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Chuck from Christian Motorcyclist Association

I met Chuck at the man made fishing lake Speedwell Forge. When I pulled in the parking lot on my bike he immediately came over and introduced himself and started talking bikes. He told me he was with the CMA and took kids on cycle rides as  his ministry. We became friends almost instantly.

He took my wife's sister's boy out west on a two week ride the following summer. He makes the kids work around the camp and on the trip. Teaching them how to work together to get ahead. He wanted to take our younger boy on a trip, but Jeff did not want to go. Now Jeff is going to seminary to help bring people to GOD too.

I must stop and visit Chuck soon. He lives about two miles from us, and was hurt bad in a cycle accident .Have not seen him in years. Chuck brought a lot of people to GOD in his working with the CMA! It is a good outfit. They go to rallies and talk to the hardened bikers, and bring a lot of them to GOD. They do a great job of turning people onto THE LORD.

I thanked him every time I saw him, for his work. He helped us out with the scouts for years. We pulled the scouts for fifteen years in the local parades. We decorated my trailer and won first prize three years in a row. I burned up the clutches in my truck doing the parades. It was worth it for the kids. Chuck helped at the youth center I was working at too. He is a great guy!

I rarely go to the parades anymore. I cannot take standing to watch the goings on. I watch the parade on the local cable channel. There is a lot I cannot do since the cycle accident. But I an not sorry I ride bike.

All the years of riding and enjoying myself make up for the pain. Its like my Dad told me fifty years ago. "It's not IF you go down; It's WHEN you go down." And he knew from experience. His Dad was a biker too, and he was killed in a car accident, like a lot of my cycle friends. You never know when your living years are going to be up. So I say, enjoy the time you have with family!

The gray van beside the white pickup is where Bruce and I park so we can watch the bikes leave. When Bruce can't walk any more, I will drive him around to see the bikes. They leave a path to drive up and down the lines of bikes so people can drive in and out. We will survive! Just a lot slower!

Lots of people to talk to.

When Bruce can't hang on any more, I quess I'll have to get a sidecar!

One last shot of a nice bagger! More to follow.

Power Hungry????

No I am not power hungry, just because I like to see Chevy V8 motorcycles. I also have a picture of a 426 Hemi cycle, I just have to find it. There is also pictures of a Dodge V10 cylinder cycle I have to locate too. I am just your average now older; biker. I can dream of riding these terrors just one time before I meet my maker. Of course that will probably cause my untimely demise so much sooner. I have no death wish, but just feeling the power is enlightening. Looking is great. I like to look at women, and look is all I plan to do! An old fart even likes to look and dream. I am not dead yet. I plan to be looking for a lot of years to come. Men are visual creatures and the older we get the more we like to look. That is why we have so many things to occupy our feeble minds. Us men need quidance from you women in our lives. You are the counterbalance for us poor dumb men. You keep us sane and on the straight and narrow. That is why it is fact, single men don't live as long as married men.

Yes I like to look at cycle rallies, because when I was young I put all my money in cycles and cars. I learned to shift my priorates to family. We like to look at those who did not outgrow the need to spend on cycles and cars. Some men consider the luxuries of life more important than family. I consider those people have lost their meaning of life. I value my family as more important than the frilly things in life. But it is still nice to look at what I did not decide to do. I am happy with my life, I have a family to spend time with, and can still see what others have done with their lives. It is nice at the end of the day to come home to a loving family, and think of those who chose or were pushed into the lonely life.

Yes I am power hungry! Hungry for the family life I have. You cannot take possessions with you when you give up the living years. But I know with every ounce of my faith, that you take the love of family with you. Wherever you are assigned after death.    The only limits in your life are the ones you create in your mind.    Remember FAITH is the belief in what you cannot see.    And I see a lot! 

Thank you for checking out my raving. Let me know what you think of my take on life!

Look up Christian Motorcycle Association on google, they are at all the big rallies and do a lot of good they work with people and kids. They straightened out my nephew that lived with us for a lot of years. He is now in the National Guard and has a little boy. They have members all over the world.

Yes I Rave a LOT!!

That is what I started this BLOG for!  To give me a place to fuss about what I like or dislike. And it has worked out for me quite well. I can get whatever bothers me off my chest, and I hope for you a place to learn something useful. I am not a teacher, or scholar. Just an old fart who wants to help the younger generation to learn a  few of my life's hard lessons. We all must learn how to negotiate with life to survive these living years! Life is hard, especially when you do something wrong, and get caught, We must learn to get along with each other. And help others!

It is over 60 degrees outside, Mary went to pick up some groceries. I swept the dirt and sand out of the garage we drag in on the tires of the van from putting on suicide driveway so we don't fall. Yes spring has arrived. Must check air in tires and oil and water level on my bike. Get ready for the first ride. Looks like tomorrow will be my first run on my iron horse in 2014. And it is about time!!

I called PPL the electric utility about getting help to winterize Bruce's house. Will talk to him tomorrow at breakfast about it. Need his salary info and his electric bill. Hope I can get Bruce some help with fixing up his house. It needs a lot of work. Just getting him to remember to carry his cell phone is a task. I don,t want him to be laying somewhere and not able to call for help. That is why I carry mine! Us old fogies must prepare for the worst, and expect the best.

Will post some more pictures from the rally. We will go the first Sunday of the month all summer. We can't walk as much anymore, so I park where the bikes turn in to the parking lot so Bruce can see them all. We get a kick out of seeing the custom bikes, we can't ride far, but still enjoying riding!!

I like yellow, stands out!

This is the recycled redneck mailbox on the way to Bruce's house. I really like it!

I like this color!

Bikes, and bikers. Lots of good vibes!

Twins? Look great!

If you like or dislike my posts let me know. If you want to see more bikes, keep coming back. Bruce and I will be searching for more good looking iron horses to drool over!

57 Chevy cycle sent from Bob in Florida!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Troubling Times!!

Took Bruce to see his mother today. I have a bad head cold, so I stayed in his truck. I did not want to infect the old people any more than they are. He ate lunch with his mom. He said next time I must go along for lunch. I don't want to make his mother pay for my lunch. I will see how it goes next time.

I am going to check with PPL the electric company to see if they can help him with insulating his house. Mary gave me the electric bill and it has a web site I am going to go to check it out. Before Mary left for work she gave me our electric bill and said to check the site for low income help. Whoever you have check with the local utility for help.

Mary's sister Carol who we have helped all her life got new windows, a new freezer and lots of insulation for her trailer. We'll see if we can get Bruce some help. Mary also told me, because she treats a lot of older folks with lots of medical bills as long as you are paying at least $5.00 per month on your medical bills they cannot turn you over to a collection service. Mary has helped me out again. And you know how pushy I can be. I will run with the information. My big mouth will sound off for Bruce again.

I just live for having a good cause to throw myself in. It makes me feel good to slay the dragon of despair. Like when I had my electric business and helped the youth center. I got thousands of  dollars of merchandise donated to Oasis youth center. And I gave hundreds of hours of repair work done myself. I was communicating with heads of big companies and getting lots of stuff for nothing to help the kids. I was amazed at the number of people who gave for our cause. I could not work with the kids, but the toilet and the building parts needed to be fixed, too. That was my job for the LORD!

Looks like I need to sharpen up my skills again and fight for Bruce. I am working with Dave H. a childhood friend of Bruce's and between us, we will not be stopped. I feel GOD is helping me do good again. And the feeling is just as great as it was before. I may be old and crippled, but world watch out when I get going. The sparks are going to fly again!

Well enough of blowing my own horn. I just want to let you know if I can do it, you can help someone too. Don't let life trample someone down. Fight to help those who cannot help themselves. We who have must help those who don't. Not like giving them everything, but help to get going. And teach them to fend for themselves with some help to get going.

Boy I am fired up again, I probably won't be able to sleep again. Thank you for checking out my blog. Be sure to help someone out today. You never know when It will be your turn to need help!!

Bruce at rally, checking out the bikes and babes!    

The Boss Hoss motorcycle, 350 chevy V8. About 400 horsepower. Sticker on the side says"At two hundred MPH you have no friends". AH! to be young and reckless again!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The wild party!!

I planned on having a wild party since Mary is gone over night. Since I have a bad head cold I took a hefty shot of nyquil, and the alcohol is making me sleepy. Well so much for my wild party. LOL At almost 66 years young, my wild party years are long gone. Bruce called, just to check if I was cycling today. It was 50 degrees out, but I was tired, I did not sleep much last night so I slept this afternoon. Maybe get the bike out for the first time this year tomorrow.

Got Bob Quinn's story done last night. What do you think of it. He is trying to survive like everyone else. You have to provide for yourself in this economy. Uncle sam does not help you like in our parents day. It will be worse for our kids. Try to build up your own retirement so you can live a good life after working all your life. If you do not, you will suffer in old age. Build up a home business for your retirement living expenses. If I can do it, you can too. Don't just sit back and accept what is happening to you. Fight back and improve your place in life. Do what Bob and I are doing. Invest in yourself and get ahead!

Well Mary is home again, the world can rest easy, I am supervised again. The house is safe, no fireman showed up; YET! It is 6:00 wed night and all is well with my world. I have survived another two days without Mary. I'm glad she got to see her sister and spend time with her. It has to be hard for Shirley since her husband and she were together over fifty years. When someone goes quick like that and you don't get to say goodbye I know how that hurts. You do not get over a hurt like that, it just seems so to other people. We must mourn in our way. GOD never gives us more that we can take, it just seems that way when the pain is new. With time you resign yourself to what happened, but it still hurts. You just learn to get along with life.

I am not on my soapbox today, I just need to put my feelings on paper to make my pains better. We all need a place to unload, and thanks to Marcy I can unload whenever I want without endangering my well being like when I was younger. If you like my pages, let me know. If you do not like my pages, also let me know. For myself blogging is what keeps me sane. What do you have in life to help you cope with everyday problems? I hope you find something for releasing the pressures of the world. We all need a place to unwind. Blogging allows me to build up my self esteem and connect with other people. I still have my aches and pains, and my limitations, but I have a new reason to never give up. If I try to give up, my friends and followers will give me grief to not give up. I have a cheering section to boost me up. You need like minded individuals to bolster your mind in the right way. And mine will tell me to keep going and never QUIT, no matter what!

Thank you for checking my rants and ravings. I hope you feel better reading about my faults and triumphs. I sure feel better writing about them. Check out my friend Bob Quinn's site. THE BLARNEY ROOST. Read his collection of poems, and buy his book for some good reading. Bob and I thank you!

Randal "HOSS" Caldwell

Monday, April 7, 2014

Bob Quinn, the aftermath in his own words. Number Two!!

As for myself, I spent most of my working life doing construction with a few years here and there cooking professionally, which at my level did not pay as well as using my tools on a job site. Married in "76, three daughters, divorced in "87 to remain single from now on, I believe. 
Met and married in Miami, to a yoga teacher, which expanded my spiritual horizons and actually made me a better Christian, saving my grace. Faith keeps me sane in this crazy world, gives me values that comfort me, as being fairly intelligent (he says modestly) makes me furiously impatient with the mess congress has made of our republic. 
A mixture of conservative and liberal views makes me a "green redneck' as my daughters told me once, because I joined the NRA and Sierra Club and registered as an independent. Schizophrenic? I prefer "sensible" because socialism is not the answer any more than corporate greed,  but this makes me very difficult to please politically.
The aging process has been hard on me and put me out of construction in '04 when diabetes made it impossible to stay on my feet all day. I went into private security where sitting was the norm. Had a good job in a major manufacturing plant as the sergeant in charge until an unfortunate joke about Obama got me fired. My big mouth and irreverent sense of humor have always conspired against me and I had to take early retirement because mine was a politically incorrect crime and no jobs were to be had. 
Three months later though, my first book was published and I have been busy ever since. Despite my efforts to publicize it sales have remained stalled because the publisher does no marketing at all. So here I am eking out a living on social security and a little bit of military disability. 
Agent orange is blamed for all kinds of ailments because in Nam they told us it was a harmless herbicide. Heluva way to make a living. This has led to an involvement in veterans affairs and keeps me going to VFW meetings and helping with fund raising. It also affords me access to the many minded individuals who enjoy my military tribute collections of poems but alas, do not buy my books.  

You can access Bob's writings at "The Blarney Roost". Yes he is the same Bob I wrote about before when we had the pea shooter battle at twelve years old, and he rode into the side of a tractor trailed on the highway and broke his shoulder. Yes a lot of my longtime friends, like me are a lot on the wild side!!

Visit Bob's blog and read his poems, there are a lot of them. In it strikes your fancy, buy his books. He is an up and coming writer.

This is how I view all military personnel; past, present and future. They never give up!! I told you how I tried to join the military in twelfth grade when I was seventeen. I was not up to par physically, my blood pressure. I could not serve my country. This is how I serve the people who serve, I use my big mouth to support and help them. Get behind the veterans of this great country. They need our help, some just to survive!  

Thank you, Randy "Hoss" Caldwell 

May GOD bless all of you who fought for our country, and have to keep on fighting when you come home!

A good friend,wrought with agent orange!! In Bob's own words.

"Did not start writing till I was inspired by my daughter", says Bob...

Sat down to write and was surprised to have it take the form of rhyming verse. Have written hundreds since and hope to continue and make it my vocation. 
I have one novel published, "San Ernesto's Shadow", available on Kindle [Let this be a lesson to you all; NEVER STOP WRITING]. 
I have my parents to thank for me not being a great writer because they did all the right things in rearing four sons. Without abuse or perversion to warp our characters there is no dark well of horror to plumb for gripping attitude or outlook. Bereft of the requisite echoes of what seem to catapult novels to the best seller list, I struggle with the handicap of a normal middle class upbringing. 
Well fed and fairly disciplined with decent medical care and twelve years of public school education I twist in the wind without an exposure to shock, sadden or evoke sympathy. DAMN! What does that leave, acting out for attention? I couldn't manage a juvenile criminal record. There was a war on though and I answered the call to the colors marching off to Vietnam (OK, via continental airlines) with my chin held high. 
Three years later I returned without a scratch and an honorable discharge...just couldn't do anything right. It wasn't for lack of trying though, I remember hearing; "If you're not on the edge, you're taking up too much room." So with a "Ten feet tall and bullet proof" attitude, I set off on years of struggle to make something of myself. 
Drugs didn't do it, couldn't afford enough to get hooked, crime was not my ticket to notoriety. Cold feet plagued even my finest efforts. Best I could do was getting lost in Miami Dade County jail for ninety days on a misdemeanor traffic charge waiting for a judge to set me free. 
Came close on a motorcycle though, but landed in a sort shrub and dated the girl who pulled out in front of me for months. Being a bad boy was proving a hard nut to crack but I finally found something that suited my talents, even if belatedly. At age twenty seven I got married and became a bad husband. Turns out I was a natural. 
Having a steady job did not please her, going to college on the GI bill didn't either, nor did being a faithful husband, a gentleman and good father. After twelve years and three children I finally decided I'd had my fair share of abuse and quit being a bad husband. 
Wouldn't you know though, failed marriage stories are a dime a dozen and nobody wanted to hear it. Every time I tried to tell it my listener topped mine with an even better one of their own. 
I am still looking for that edge to make my narrative stand out from the crowd! What follows is my take on things in general, seen through my eyes, skewed by the unique experience of not having a hard luck story to rise above. There is attitude here, seasoned by over "three score" years of life and going after the last few. See if you can detect it, its pretty close to the surface in some places, I have nothing to hide.

See second installment...

Life is made for inspiration;NOT hesitation!!

Yes we all hesitate sometimes, it is a built in protection device. It gets sharper as we grow older. When we are young and know everything, we tend to jump in with both feet. As we age, we value life more, at least that is the male meaning of life! Ladies I don't think you jump in so quick, even when young? I look at life a little differently now that I am approaching the threshold of my existence. I value every day! I realize I may not be around tomorrow. Lots of things can happen to take away my living years at any time. I don't know everything like when I was eighteen years old. And I realize my parents were pretty smart after all even when I was 20 years old! I had to make my own mistakes when I was young, just like my kids, and my grandchildren now. Life is hard sometimes. But we usually stumble thru it in one piece. The learning curve can be a terrible mistress for a lot of youngsters. They do all not survive the early years. And for them I grieve.

I am lucky all my hard lessons I survived. I have a lot of stories that I get to tell. Not everyone is that lucky. I realize GOD has kept me around for a reason. I don't know what all HE has in store for me, but I believe telling my story has a lot to do with it! If I can inspire one person to better their life, I have accomplished part of His goal. To instill in one young person to better themselves. Help one young person to see the light it has taken me so long to notice. I have never hesitated to do what I thought was right at that given moment. As I look back I wonder if I was right all the time. At the worst I have made some mistakes, but they were not lethal ones. I am still here. Thank you LORD for helping me to learn and improve myself over the years.

I am learning a lot since I have retired. The lessons I am learning now are helping me prosper in life. And be a better person. My teachers are molding my mind, I know that is hard! But they are doing a great job. Thank you, Marcy  I know you are trying hard to get me smart. You are making slow progress, I am hard to teach. But I will keep trying till I get it. Like Bruce I am bullheaded, and will survive and prosper!

Thank you. Randy"HOSS"Caldwell

Every Day is another Chance to Change your life!!

Every morning I wake up I think how can I improve my station in life today. Just today! Going on sixty six of my living years I have had a lot of days to contemplate on this question, And my answer is I am always thinking how to improve my place in life. I have been doing this as long as I can remember. I will not let anything get in the way of improving myself. I went to night school  for the trades I was working in for a lot of years. If I wanted to learn something, I found a way to learn how to do it. I am now learning how to use my MAC computer, and learning how to improve my business so I can make more money from home. I have had to learn how to text, use the internet, and send adds for my business. I have been taught by the best in their field. I will keep learning till I am not breathing anymore. Fear is a four letter word, and I let no fear slow me down. Sometimes I though I will never learn what I want to. But I kept trying till I figured how to teach myself what I wanted to know. I have had a lot of good teachers over the years. I have excellent teachers right now. They have a hard job digging into my hard heat to instill knowledge.

No teacher can teach you anything! You must want to learn it with a burning passion or it will not sink in. I have that passion! Faith is the belief in what you can not see. And I have always saw myself doing what I want too. You need to want whatever you crave for. See it in your mind, and the universe will help you find a way to get it. I wanted to marry a nurse when I was single. I worked on that for four years. We have been married for 42 years now. Have three children, three grandchildren; so far. Mary shares my visions, she can see what she wants, and makes it happen too. Our three kids can see what they want, and make it happen. So can their life partners. Our grandchildren are learning how to make life give them what they want too.

You need to get the same vision in your head too. Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible. You can do the impossible too. The difficult we can do immediately; the impossible will take a little longer. But we will accomplish it if we stick to the task at hand. Be like us, bullheaded, and stick to your task, and it will be done before you know it. Yes I am on my soapbox again, but I want to leave this for my future generations so they can learn the facts it took me so long to put together in my head. I was always head strong, but now I know why. To get what I wanted out of life, and tell others how to accomplish what they deserve out of life as well. Our life is what our thoughts make of it. Make a lot of your life, you only have one in these living years.  Make it as good as you can!

This is what I am fighting so hard to improve. Our children are our only future.Let's make their future as good as we can!!Thank you, Randy"HOSS"Caldwell