Friday, October 27, 2017


It started when our children were babies. We would talk to them like they would understand what we were saying? Like don't do that, stop crying, you get your way! We are used to telling someone how we feel, and suspecting an undeveloped mind to comprehend what we were thinking. I am finding out everyone does it. No matter how much learning we have, we expect everyone to understand what we mean.

Next we find ourselves doing it to our grandchildren. We did not learn from our young children looking at us like we lost our minds. we really did lose our minds, even talk in baby talk. We expect them to understand baby talk. It did not work for our kids, maybe the grandkids are smarter and will understand at the same young age. It does not occur to us that we are wasting our time trying to reason with a one year old mind. Again we try baby talk. Our kids were not smart enough to understand what we are saying. IT CANNOT be our mind that is not thinking enough to remember this did not work with our children when they were young. We must try harder!!

Now that we are in our late 60's, and on our third set of "children" maybe we can reason with our grandpuppies and our 2 furry children at our home. STOP laying in the walking path! Stop barking at the neighbors you see thru the window. Stop throwing a fit when the door bell rings. When a truck stops in the circle in front of our house. They are delivering to our neighbor. You will not get a biscuit from the driver. Then the FED EX truck passes on the main street to the other circle, and I let Sophie out to bark. THEN the driver on going out of the development turns left on our street, stops in the circle outside our house and throws a biscuit to Sophie in our driveway!!

No wonder she goes nuts when ever she sees or hears a motor vehicle. She thinks everyone has a biscuit for her. IT is the drivers fault Sophie goes nuts not mine!! It is nice to have a kid to blame my screwups on again?? :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Finally!! Recognition!!

Check out my interview, I even made the front page!!

Thank you, Chelsea!

Like me, old,warn out,not anything fancy,BUT never,ever,QUIT!!

LLOYD, looking down, and very proud of his family!
                                            I got my never, ever quit attitude from POP!

                                See the movie    BAND OF BROTHERS!   NEVER, EVER FORGET!

I promise I won't ride it fast!! TRUST ME!

                                        Mary, I'm riding this one, call&get me more life insurance:)