Tuesday, May 31, 2016


When I am on my bike, I am not a cripple anymore. I can ride as good as someone who does not walk with a cain! The foldup cain is in my saddlebag. I still like to ride fast. Lean into the corners. Enjoy the wind in my face.
Like the sign Bob brought me on his yearly visit!  YOU never see a bike parked in front of a shrinks office!
Mary would not let me sell my bike several years ago. When she cannot stand me anymore, she says take off on the bike!  YOU NEED A RIDE!!!!
The titanium and plexiglas in my left shoulder is forgotten!
The titanium in my left knee is forgotten!
The stainless steel staples holding whats left of my stomach and small intestines is forgotten!
At least till I park my bike in my garage. When I swing my leg over the seat to get off. All the aches and pains return!
BUT I can stand them again, till the next RIDE!!

This is BOB, about 20 years ago. When both of us had hair on the top of our heads!!  LLOOLL

This is MARY & me traveling 20 years from now!!

This is me now, with fold up cain in saddlebag

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

LLoyds Rides!

New charity I have set up!  http://www.lloydsrides.blogspot.com  The ALMIGHTY has been very good to me these last 68 years. This is how I payback my debts!!!!
I have a bank account set up!  Mail check to    BB&T Bank- 92 Doe Run Road-Manheim,PA  17545  They will deposit checks, and let me know the persons name. I am set up as a NOT FOR PROFIT PA CORPORATION. All donations tax deductible. Make checks out to  Lloyds Rides, Inc. If you would like acknowledgement send your name & e-mail to  rcald@ptd.net  and I will send a thank you e-mail.
I have safeguards set up to see the bulk of the donations go to help mentally challenged individuals and the veterans who have given so much already. No big salaries, no lavish trips. With your help we will spread to all 50 states.

Minion to the ALMIGHTY!!