Saturday, February 9, 2019

Horsepower College 2

More horsepower is great, demanding,adrenaline inducing,and a killer. I always thought someone was stealing my horsepower. I had to keep tapping the gas pedal to make sure it is still there. Yes, I am an adrenaline junkie! I am 70, I still like driving fast. But I try hard to stay to stay what the speed sign says. In spring I was caught for 5 miles over the speed limit going down hill. $151.00 fine, no points. Now I use the brake going down hills, staying legal.

My motorcycle is harder to stay at the speed limit. I feel 18, and nothing can hurt me again. Then I remember laying in the middle lane of Route 501, in and out of consciousness. I looked in the face of an angel that was holding my head between her knees. I asked is this a dream? She said no hun, you will realize it is not a dream tomorrow when the pain killers were off.  Yes I really remember the next day when the pain killers wore off. It hurt to breathe!

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