Thursday, May 9, 2019

LNP letter to editor, thanks for editorial

This is a letter to the editor that I wrote to LNP News (Lancaster Letters) for publishing an article by Blaine T. Shahan.

I Detest Any Unnecessary DEATH!! Thank you, Blaine T. Shahan for putting in your editorial. We will Stop PTSD Suicides by Veterans, 22+ and First Responders 20+ every 24 hours, with many others helping.

Annie Ginder please e-mail me, at We must talk! I am not a Veteran, high blood pressure kept me out. Some poor soul died in my place in Vietnam or is slowly dying from agent-orange poisoning now.

The death toll is rising, we are FAILING! When I talk to people about donating to Stop Suicides, they say "you are doing a wonderful job, but I cannot afford anything right now". Veterans fought for our freedoms, just like Police, Fire Personnel, Ambulance Personnel and others we are reaching out to.

Mary and I will soon be 71, fixed income, BUT the last five years we donated over $4,000 to Stop PTSD Suicides. We did without so someone suffering could get help. Thank you Laura Knowles for interviewing Annie Ginder.

WriteFace and Lloyd's Rides are saving lives. WriteFace will grow. Lloyd's Rides is set up to grant multi-Chapters in all 50 states, worldwide next. Help US two fighting now. I fight 10AM to 10PM Every Day, Every Week! It is now 7:30 PM Sunday.

Death takes no time off, Neither do WE; WE Never, Ever QUIT; till the tally is 0000 deaths everyday!

Randy "Hoss" Caldwell a bald, handicapable, overall clad old Knight with tarnished armor. Every time a PTSD person is saved, my tarnished armor is renewed.

See the editorial here:

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