Sunday, December 2, 2018

April Fool's Nite!

The people who lived along the Lancaster Loop Route hated us loopers. They gave the police a hard time because they could not stop us. Whenever the police could arrest us for something they were happy. Drag racing in the city bounds was the coup de grace! It meant jail time.

I never raced till after 2:00 AM and not on weekends, Just one block, to about 60 miles per hour. As I was geared super low in my car and cycle I could beat everyone I raced.

When you came to Liberty cross street on Prince Street, there was a gas station on the right, the other side of Liberty Street. The police would park a box truck at the parking lot big enough to hide a Police cruiser behind it. Stopping at the light to get ready to race we could not see the cruiser till we were laying rubber under full power. Then they would have us.

A biker friend stopped at the place we gathered and said the man is in his nest! We all knew what that meant. I said anyone want to join me for an April Fool's joke? I explained what I had in mind. One guy volunteered to be my henchman.

We went on a slow run on the loop. It was about two hours since we had checked for the trap. They did not know we were already there when they set up their trap. We went past the loop cut over, the alley where later Kathy that summer slid down my broken sissy bar. We went two more blocks so we came out on Prince Street at Liberty Street. We started revving our engines and shouted trash talk like "I will blow your doors off". That's hard to do on a motorcycle. Young & Dumb Moment!!

When the light turned green, we lowered the RPM's and pulled into the intersection like a normal ride. The cruiser was already pulling out to bust us. We waved to the officers and laughed.

They pulled us over just in case our paperwork was not right. Both Officers said, I guess you guys think you are smart. We both said, smart enough to not race in front of a Police Officer! They told us GET OUT tonight! We DID!!

Score one for the loopers, zero for the Officers. But my time was coming!!

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