Wednesday, December 5, 2018

It's a Man's World??

Since the beginning of recorded history, females have been placed as second class citizens in history by the dominant males. We men are larger, stronger, and (smarter) than females. (Smarter)?? We think so. Yes, we are larger, stronger, but far from smarter. We men start wars, take what we feel is ours, whether it is ours or not. Most terrible criminals are men, remember females have 1/2 of the male in their makeup. Some females have more male than female in them and are as bad as us men.

Mary my wife of almost 47 years has been the boss of me since we decided to get married in 1972. Because of her controlling our money, getting pregnant 4 times, she wanted 4 kids, but we lost one in the second month and making good judgments we have had a great life together.  I always took no crap off any man. Like the song, the bad guys knew me and left me alone. But the females I never said a bad word to. We are not rich, but live comfortable because Mary keeps the finances, and makes all the decisions.

We give a lot of money all our life to help others. Our donations lifetime about $20,000. We helped our 3 children get good  learning, getting their own house, and getting great jobs. Mary went to Nursing School before we met. I learned Electrical work, classes and on the job. I always made more money than Mary until about 2000. She finally started getting the  good wages ladies deserved, because there was a shortage of Nurses.

When I retired, 10 years ago, Mary was making about 30% more per hour than I was. Did I feel threatened, NO! She continued working till she was 69 years of age. January 2018 she quit working all together, 52 years as an RN charge nurse.

In 1972 when we married she was delivering babies. 2018 when she retired at the retirement home she pronounced people dead and helped load them in the silver Astro van from the undertaker. The same van we bought from the Chevy dealer as a used van!

I worked 2 jobs when younger for 15 years. Mary worked 2 or 3 jobs when we needed it. Our 3 kids started working, Laura at 14, Tim at 16, Jeff at 16. Now Laura followed Mary into Nursing, she helps para-pleasic  bound people in their homes. Tim will be a Doctor of childhood autism soon. He works from home, and teaches the parents and teachers how to deal with the autism children. Doctor Tim. Jeff works in California at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital in Los Angeles. He is working toward teaching the new Pastors in the Clergy department. Doctor Jeff? People tell me I must be smart and passed it to my kids. I answer, luckily they got the great genes from Mary for smartness! The ability to never, ever give up comes from me!!

Many years ago, Randy, I don't remember his last name, why I remember his first name, I don't know LOL. Wrote and sang a song condemning short people, and people were up in arms. If you really listened to the lyrics, the last stanza, it finished with, short people are just like you and me!! He is sarcastic like me. I hope you understand this RANT!

randysravings was Marcy's idea. She knew me about six months, said I need a place to blow off steam. Another very smart lady. Thank you Marcy! When Mary can't stand me any more, she says get your motorcycle and ride, she knows that is my release.

Bob got me a sign that reads, "you never see a motorcycle in front of a shrinks office", because I go to the motorcycle cruise ins for  I heard on a TV show if you kiss your significant other on the lips everyday you two will live longer. If we two have no colds, we kiss every morning. We deserve a longer life than 70 years. Thanks to Mary I have a great chance of living a lot more years.

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