Saturday, December 1, 2018

Another Kathy Story

After Kathy and her sister Barb patched my left leg from the accident that Kathy & I survived, I healed. Barb's husband Butch was 23 years old. If he had been caught with me he would be arrested for giving alcohol to a minor.

Kathy had Mike's 1964 Ford convertible. He worked second shift. He did not  have his license either. We rode around with the top down. Kathy was driving, Barb & daughter Donna 2 years old up front. Butch & I were in back. There were no child seats then.

We stopped and Butch and I went into Helen Weaver's bar. I went in with bikers a lot. They knew me. I was 19, but they did not ask for my driver's license. It was suspended. I had nothing with my age on it. We drank about 4 or 5 beers. When the girls came back we heard the horn and left. We piled in the back seat again.

We drove around a bit, Butch wanted a sub, so we headed for Speed's parking lot. Kathy stopped, Barb got out, so did I. Kathy did not put the car in park. Her foot slipped off the brake, She hit the gas, with the front wheels turned. Butch was thrown out under the front wheel, his lower leg two bones broke. I helped him back into the car and told them not to mention me with Butch. I did not want him to go to jail because I was with him drinking.

I flagged down a friend, said I needed a ride home. The next day the police showed up where I worked. They took me in the board room and questioned me about the accident. They figured we were drinking. They knew I was under legal drinking age. They said where did you get beer, from Butch? I said no, Helen Weaver's bar. Everyone knew they serve anyone who comes in. They let me go. That was all I heard about  the incident. Another learning experience. Another colorful part of my past. I visited Barb and Butch every two or three days to see if they needed anything

I found Barb and Jane on December 1, 2018. Kathy died years ago. Lung cancer from cigarettes.

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