Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Carl & me!

  I met Carl thru some guys I knew at the Lititz Twin Kiss. He raced cars, circle track. We both were under 21 years of age. We both liked beer. We were friends immediately. We were both daredevils! We should not have run around together. Two males desiring kicks and alcohol. The first time I picked Carl up at his parents farm, we were going to get beer. He said his dad was a part time cop in Manheim, but don't worry his dad could not smell. The line of first defense is the cop smelling beer on your breath. When Carl opened the passenger's door to hop in, several empty beer cans fell out. Luckily his dad was not around.

  The second time I picked him up, his license was suspended for a long time, it was on the bike. He really dug two wheeled motoring. We ran the loop route a while. About 1:00 AM We was returning thru Manheim to drop him off. We took a shortcut thru a corn field. My bike just fit between the corn plants. They were above our heads. I came out of the cornfield about 200  yards  of road before the all night gas station. I blasted thru the island of gas pumps about 60MPH, hit the back brake, spun around and did a wheelie back beside the pumps. We got off, the old man just stood by the door stunned! I finally hit my kill switch. Now he came out. He said I  rode cycle like I was crazy. I did not argue the point! Many others said the same thing. He said he was not coming out till I shut off the motor. With my no baffle mufflers he could hear me coming a half mile away. 

More later!!

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