Thursday, December 26, 2013

Finally, My Internet FIX!!!!

Christmas night, all the kids and puppies left, and the house was quiet except for the thirteen year old granddaughter. I could get back to my computer which I ignored all day. I sat down and tried to sign in. I got a message, no Internet connection!

My oldest son installed passwords on our wi-fi so that we won't have trouble with e-mail being corrupted again. I figured that a lot of people were on, and something happened. I tried several times the next three hours. Same message, so I went to bed. Figured I would try again in the morning.

No good in the morning: same thing. I moaned because it had snowed again, so I got ready and went out to clear the snow, especially from my suicide driveway. It took about an hour and a half to do my driveway, three neighbors and the circle. When I came in, Mary said I must go pick up the eight year old granddaughter and puppy. So I left.

When we got home I tried again: same message. I asked Mary to look at it. She said, "Did you set up your account?" I had asked her last night if I needed to put in password every time I logged in, and she said no. Communication jumbled up sometime. We guess the other knows what we are thinking. So bad outcomes (usually for me)!

She showed me how to get the site and put in the password. I guess last night she figured I know how to do it. I got on. When I tried to log on to write this blog, I had to sign in again. I guess I will have to every time. At least now I know how! I went through withdrawal symptoms. All the thoughts going thru my mind a mile a minute, and no place to put them down!

Mary knows how to save me. But I feel sometimes things are not always my fault. I am not saying she is to blame. I want to sleep inside tonight, not in my van!! YIP YIP

Well, another adventure of mine to laugh about. The ladies on my team will get a kick out of Mary having to save me again. I know I depend on her a lot. Just glad she puts up with me. Yes, I feel more relaxed now that I can blog again. I need to vent, and this is the perfect outlet.

Well, the three year old bullhead grandson is coming over tomorrow night. We'll have lots of yelling and fighting. He likes to get his way. Unfortunately he is usually in the wrong. Don't you just adore the terrible threes? Glad I was an adorable kid at that age! My mom just remembered my behavior wrong!

Thank you for letting me vent again. That is why Marcy said to make this Randy's Ravings. In the short time she knew me before we started this blog, she already knew my behaviors. I hope my shortcomings give you strength to go on. Like me never give up, but with age we learn when it is wise to run so we can fight another day.

Change your life for the better. I did! Do it today, don't wait and lose valuable time like I did.

Thank you, Randal Caldwell

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