Saturday, December 21, 2013

Old Friends

Had breakfast this morning with David and Bruce, old friends from my motorcycle days. I met David in school through both of us having a motorcycle. I met Bruce after I finished school, at a speed shop I worked at part time. Bruce was having his El Camino being worked on and needed a ride home. It was a 396, four speed missile we used at the time to impress people. Especially girls.

It was winter, and like I said I only had the cycle. I took Bruce home and since he rode too he did not mind getting cold. When I arrived at the diner today, Bruce gave me a hard time for not riding the bike. It was 32 degrees and still icy at spots. We like to kid each other. That is what we do to good friends. We like to laugh. Keeps us young at heart.

At breakfast we talked about being young, dumb and riding reckless. How Bruce and I almost rear ended  a Cadillac when we were airborne in a construction site because the road dropped four inches and the Caddie bottomed out, dragged the frame and slowed down. I hit my brakes, but being airborne at the time we did not slow down. HE was watching over us again, and we did not collide. Sometime I will talk about David's adventures with me, too!

Like I said, I have been blessed over the years. Both in being protected and having good friends to see me over the hard times. When I had the bad motorcycle accident in 2003, I had a lot of friends I did not even know keeping watch over me as I was lying in the middle of the road at the crest of a hill. They kept the cars from running over me til the police and ambulance got there.

In the same accident two angels, paramedics (yes they were ladies) patched me up on the road and hauled me off. As I was lying there, I woke up for a few seconds and saw the lady holding my head between her knees so I would not move and hurt my spine. The other lady was cutting my clothes off so they could evaluate my injuries.

I remember I felt cold. It was November. And like the typical male the first thing I thought  of was that every guy has a dream of two wild woman ripping his clothes off. But believe me when you are lying in the middle of the road in pain it does not have the same delightful effect! I asked the angel holding my head if this was a dream.  She said, "No hun, you will realize it in the morning, when the pain of this awful trauma will tell you it was real." Boy, was she right!

Two days later I was lying in the hospital bed ready to go home. I had changed into fresh bib overalls that Mary brought in for me. My accident clothes were in pieces from being cut off me. The snap to my breast pocket was open and Mary being the organizer freak she was, reached over and snapped the pocket on my chest. When they scraped me off the ceiling she said, "It was not that bad". She tells me like it is. That's why I have respect for the ladies. They always know better than us dumb men.

See when my old friends and I get together, we talk about the close shaves we have had. The miracle of being watched over and the fact that we survived this long.

Tomorrow is December 22nd, Mary's birthday. I asked if I should wish her happy birthday or ignore the fact she is a year older like some people do. She said whatever I like. She always likes to do for others, but "whatever" for herself. See what I mean, really not worrying about herself, but always helpful to others. That is the reason I love her so much. Love does grow better over the years. My partner in life is my best friend. It took me a long time to realize that fact, too.

Well I have rambled along too much again. Remember to keep your friends close. We all need that human connection. When we lose it it is like being in hell! It is not a good place to be. I am glad I am not there anymore, and will never be again thanks to all the people in my life that lift me up when I let things get to me! Learning not to be bullheaded all the time, learning when to run to fight another day. That is what I have learned. "Take a breather and evaluate your situation" is what Donna keeps trying to impress in my thick head. Hope it sticks and keeps me out of future trouble.

Thank you Marcy for being my new good friend, and guiding me on the new chapter of my life. This old dog is learning new tricks, slowly!!   YIP YIP

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