Friday, December 6, 2013

My Story of Renewed Life. We Must Never Give Up!

I am father of two boys and a girl. Grandfather of two girls and a boy, so far. I was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1948.

I have not traveled more than 700 miles from Lancaster. Hopefully that will change in years to come, since my wife retires in a year.

I worked in electrical, mechanical and HVAC most of my life. It was hard work and my body suffers because of it. Anyone who's worked at hard labor knows what I mean.

I was not in too bad shape till about 2003 when I had a narrow escape with death when a careless driver almost hit my motorcycle. I high sided the cycle and was thrown 30 feet to the pavement. I did not break a bone, but ripped my rib cage, shoulder, and collar bone loose. I am healing from a shoulder replacement several years ago.

I did not exercise for five years, just sat around. Now I am trying to play catch up in exercising. I go to the gym three days a week and noticed the improvement after only four weeks. We must keep the muscles limbered up.

I encourage everyone not to give up on life like I did, and stay in charge of your life like I am re-learning to do. I have a goal in life again. I will never give up and sit at the TV again for the whole day. I want to get myself built up and be back in the game of life again. I wasted too much of my life the last seven years and I am ready to get my life up and running.

I got back my goal of never giving up. I will survive and prosper! Check back and see how I handle a renewed life.

Thank you for letting me get my statement out there. I hope I can make others to keep an upbeat attitude. We all need some help to stay positive. If you feel down remember bad times don't last, but good people last forever! Or close to it.

Good day and make sure you laugh every day! YIP!YIP!
Randy Caldwell

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